Sunday, August 27, 2006
Sentosa Pahlawan Beach
Last night, JY persuaded us to go Sentosa Pahlawan Beach with her and her friends. Since it has been a long time since I last visited Sentosa, (I went there in Primary 6 or Form1 which is a long long time ago, cant really remember) I've decided to go. (Dun really have choice, do we? :P)

Wake up early in the morning at 8am. Argh! still really sleepy and the weather is too good for me to sleep on. But no choice, gotta wake up. Reach Paya Lebar MRT around 9.40am. Suppose to be there at 9.30am. Hehe.. not my fault. So dun look at me. We take mrt to Harbour Front and from there, took bus to Sentosa.

We din bring extra clothings or swimming suit. They wonder what we are goin to do there. Well, we play volleyball for a short while, shoot plenty pictures (wont miss out this part de), watch a monkey show at the amphitheatre, walk around at the beach. Now, my hand is in 'black green' stage because of the volleyball. ai.. never play volleyball again..

Around 3pm, we took bus back to Harbour front. From there, we took bus to Tampines. This bus really take forever to reach. At least an hour! I think we have a ride in most of the area at the east side, jurong, serangoon, eunos, bedok, bla bla bla before reaching Tampines. My second time at Tampines.. Still the same, with lots of ppl!

Whole Sunday gone just like that. And now I am attracted to the deal Air Asia offer! Aiseh.. Why cant I just go for trip instead of suffering here with tonne of assignment? Wouldnt it be good if everyday is holiday?

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Seremban 牛腩粉
I've ate Seremban 牛腩粉 since I was young. Everytime when we go Seremban, we wouldn't miss the chance to savour this dish. My family's all time favourite. Mom ate it since she was young too. Today only I realised that it is not the one and only stall there at Seremban Pasar. There is another stall here at Marine Parade foodcourt. I get to know from the advertisement in paper which they pin up at the stall. (A lot of food in Singapore been awarded with different award.. and are advertised on paper.. but not all nice de.. really! but still they will pin up those paper cutting at their stall) I ate the 牛腩粉 coz I wanna see whether it tastes the same. Result is... YES! But price wise still Seremban better RM4-5 while here $3-4. Still, not easy to satisfy with the food here lo.. EXPENSIVE and not all taste good! I've already got a list of food that I wanna eat when I go back..
  • Nasi Lemak
  • visit mamak for teh tarik, roti canai, naan... Miss the mamak culture @ Malaysia
  • fried kuey teow (here de fried kuey teow not nice and dun taste like fried kuey teow de..)
  • Wan Tan Mee
  • McDonald, KFC, Pizza.... fast food!
The list go on and on... wonder when only I can go back to eat allt hese yummy food.. got NO mid sem break! ARGH!
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Friday, August 25, 2006
It's Friday!
hav research studies @ 10am today. after few minutes of listening, began to get real drowsy. Really long time din listen to lecture i guess.. cant help it. luckily still am able to keep my eyes open till the end..

@2.30pm, richard n eugene presented their work.. 2 examples 2 show us.. shouldnt they let us see some of those works earlier? before the jury?? We were having a hard time coz we really dunno what we are require to do.. and what they will produce.. their work style really different here.. wanna c the whole process in design... all of the works done. not just the final product. if ariff is here, he will surely said: "get to the point!" instead of letting us dragging on and on on the process. n i think this sch really see the number of works done.. quantity rather than quality?? isit? tat's wat we felt.. if peijoo here, i think she will enjoy it with all those manual drawing and model.. her favourite stuff.. for me, i still prefer autocad n 3d drawing. say no to model!

after the so called 'class', walked back to the room coz we dun wanna carry all those model along. then, went to holiday inn atrium to meet dad. reach there around 6pm. dun hav direct bus to reach there so we took bus to chinatown then take a taxi there.. thx mum for the stuffs that she've packed and dad for bringing it down here.. hehe.. now i got stocks that can last for few months.. hehe.. GOOD! GREAT! holiday inn atrium is quite a nice holiday inn compare to malaysia de holiday inn..

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Glad it's over.. for the time being
Just wake up from my nap.. have a short nap after i reach the room - my so called 'home' in singapore. The jury is... well... glad that is over.. although i wont called it a good presentation.. alex keep kena on my concept... yo.. kelly approve of it ma.. last time ask him oso no response.. really a weird fellow.. nvm.. forget about tat.. wanna rest for a while before continue for the design development... n the 2nd jury..

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Jury 1 Tomorrow!
Been busy preparing for the jury1 lately. Hopefully all will go just fine tomorrow. Cant wait till it ends so that we can celebrate! Hooray! Oops.. a bit early to celebrate now. Just bear with few more hours.. after a good night sleep... and after the presentation... then must get a good rest! Have fun and celebrate!

Just did my printing today at Poster Connection, Sunshine Plaza. Cost me $30 for 6 A2 board (printing plus lamination). Bought the sandwich board separately since that can b reuse for other jury. There is still jury 2 and 3 to go. We were like preparing for our final sem presentation in limkokwing. Doin such big board, layout, arrangement, printing... Really envy those ppl who is so FREE! Well, maybe we shouldnt think this way. But really cant help it. Keep wondering why they are so free when we were EXTREMELY BUSY.... Saturday and Sunday is like hell.. keep on doin work work and still work. And finally can get some rest now.. physically but not mentally... since dunno wat will happen tomorrow.. must b PREPARED!!

Oh.. we got a new room mate. A gal from indonesia who is younger than us, studying marketing at informatic. She speaks English.. so it's not as bad as the Mongolian girl. We dun even know tat she move out till the guy come n clean up her stuff and told us there will be a new girl coming in. The mongolian came here for holiday actually. Then study english along the way. A doctor wei.. dun play play.. too bad we got communication prob.. oh.. get to know this from her friend..

Another weird thing in our room.... Hmm.. not weird.. but really a coincidence.. All the laptop in our room is the SAME! Dell inspiron 6400.. haha.. real funny right?? people who come in our room will definitely think that the hostel sponsor this laptop or sth... if not how come the laptop is all the same.. hahaha..

Cross my finger for the Jury tomorrow.. Hopefully it works!
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
The Anuual Library Book Sales @ Singapore Expo
Singaporean love to queue. I really gotta get use of the queuing here.
First, queue at ICA for the student pass
Second, queue during registration @ Lasalle
Third, queue for food
Today, queue to enter the expo hall..

Starting point for the extremely long queue
Even need an umbrella
C this? the queue is extremely long
Finally queue till the entrance.. still a long way to go though..

Total time for the queue: 40 minutes!!! Crazy right?? There are quite alot of old books at the library sales. 1 book cost $2 and 1 pack of magazine $5. Cant get the magazine that we want. Those magazine mostly for IT, business.... Just not what we want. We end up buying fiction and some travel guides.. I try to find the NZ lonely planet but cant seem to find it. There are a lot of lonely planet guide for other place, other country but just not NZ.. Wondering if i got so much time for my story books.. hmm... Me n Waili bought 26 books all together which cost $52. Really really heavy. Dun hav any weighing machine in my room, if not i'll surely go n weight it.. Really really heavy.

MRT is always full of ppl. We stand inside till we din realise we have miss the station that we suppose to go down. Finally get down at Lavender and take the other way mrt back to Paya Lebar. Cant even see the signboard at the station with all those head around and there are no voice to let u know that which station is this! Packed like sardin fish inside tat mrt on the way back to Paya Lebar.. although is just a few station away!
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Friday, August 11, 2006
tired, sleepy yet still awake
slept at 5 sth, almost 6am 2day morning. y? all his fault.. last minute ask me 2 draw 3d.. real cham.. thought can sleep early at 1st but end up sleeping so 'early'. n 2day we hav the research talk at NLB. only slept few hours.. luckily am still able to wake up and din sleep during the talk.. i m still awake now even though my mind, brain is working slower than usual. after the library talk and tour, we went to do some research on our topic. I watched 1 tape on lion dancing and another vcd on singapore lion dance. Well, it's been a really long time since i last watch tape. Primary sch perhaps. the quality of the show is bad. not clear. but it is the 1 and only copy there.. just like tat 1 and only book which took me such a long time 2 find it! The tape is actually not bad coz it introduce alot on the traditional movement and even showing how to make the lion head. the bad things is the tape is also in the reference session which is impossible for me 2 have a copy of that info. The same goes to the vcd.. but i'll try bringing my laptop so tat i can copy it in.. hehe.. We were like suffering in the library. We watched the video till around 2pm and we were cold and hungry in there. Plus we did not have enough sleep the previous night, it really seems like a torture. We get out the library in hurried and have a feel of the sunlight for it warmness. Then later, went to waterloo street to have our lunch. Ate the 水糕 and 菜头糕 for lunch. Ate lots of flour.. haha.. That 水糕 taste good. I really seldom praise the food here coz i've taste some weird food such as the nasi lemak and also kon loo mee. Never ever come Singapore for their nasi lemak.. It's not nasi lemak actually. The nasi lemak here is like mix rice only that the rice itself is nasi lemak. Then the kon loo mee... ai.. never in my life i ate such bad taste kon loo mee.. After our late lunch, we walked to sim lim square. Although we go to bugis area quite often, we are still not very familiar with the road. We know that it's nearby but we just cant seem to find it. So near yet so far. Ai.. luckily got a Singapore Map which really helps us alot. All because of the map we can walk from destination A to destination B. Went to Sim Lim Square to do market survey again. After that, we hoop on bus 12 to get to LasalleSIA. No class today actually. But still, we need to return a red spot book. We just went there to return the book and later walk back to the hostel.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Singapore National Day in room!
It's Singapore 41st birthday today. No big deal about it. Am pleased course it's holiday. But i guess no big different for me eh? Been working for the whole day in my room without stepping out of this hostel!! Not even for lunch or dinner. There will be another presentation on next Monday and again, we are producing documentary - which is video lo.. If there is still a next time doing this kind of things, I should consider changing course liao. Instead of interior design i should take course on video editing or maybe b a director myself T.T

The connection here real lousy. Sometimes cant send through the msg, sometimes real slow n now cant surf the net! error error error! yo.. beh tahan.. Y cant the line b better?? Cant even save or publish this post now.. ARGH!
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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Going to be crazy soon watching its movement. Been watching the 12th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship 2005 since i woke up till just now around 3pm.. 3 VCD. Not easy to finish watching it. I almost slept watching it. Real glad after I finally finish watching the 1st piece, 2nd piece and 3rd piece. Have a short nap after each piece.. haha.. really watch till too sleepy.. I ate my breakfast then later have lunch while I am watching it. geng hor.. hmm.. hopefully it will be useful for my next presentation... ARGH! Din do anything except watching that!! It's like i m goin to fei for the whole day again today! HOW CAN??!
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Shopping Spree @ JB
As planned, we went to JB yesterday. I woke up around 9am but around 10 sth only we push off. coz u know lo.. those ppl real mo de.. haha.. Reach JB around 12. 1st destination, City Square. I bought a VCD on lion dance (RM29.90) at Popular there. Really hard to find CD or books on lion dance in Singapore. It likes it's already extinct. I also bought a cable lock at RM12. Oh, we have Mc Donald for lunch. Filet O Fish Burger. Yum yum... Waili really MISS her Mc Donald too much. When we are in Singapore, she really controls herself not 2 eat McD huh? hehehe.. finally u got a bite on it! Then later around 3pm, Wilfred fetchs us to Tmn U to buy some art stuff. Previously tat shop is called rainbow but now it's not. Thx alot for the ride! really long long time din seat in car liao.. After purchasing some art stuffs and stationaries there, we have a look at his new house which is still under renovation. (Just sit in the car and glance through) Then, he drop us off at Tampoi Giant coz he need 2 return the car 2 his friend. He still havent get his new car.. We shopped again of coz. Bought some bread, biscuits, and some other stuffs.. We catch a taxi back to CS which cost RM10 later and have dinner at sushi king with all the stuffs that we bought. We really susah payah carried all those stuff pass the kastam n carry it all the way to S'pore.. really an ordeal. Not light wei.. We got a lot of weird stare along the way! Those fellow never see ppl carried so much stuff in their life huh??

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Friday, August 04, 2006
It's our 2nd visit to East Coast Park (ECP). Today, it's real windy. Enjoy the wind, but it's quite troublesome when it comes 2 eating. Din really eat much. Only have marshmellow, fried rice n chicken wing and drink alot.. full because of the drink, not because of the food.. haha.. only few from our class turn up. Other is mostly year 1 & 2 students.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Hectic Vs Relaxing
Finally can spare some times 2 write my blog. It had been an extremely busy and hectic week last week. Felt more relax and free this week. so glad that we dun hav class 2morrow. They will be having their convocation at S'pore expo 2morrow. N so, tonight is the night to let the hair down.. hahaha.. if that's how they call it. Hmm.. Ok.. summary of what happened this week.. Hmm..

Got presentation. It stated there documentary. So, we did a video on our topic. Mine is about lion dance. Glad that we no need 2 speak! haha.. The video speaks it for me! N kelly said we introduced a new kind of presentation.. said till like we always did video. Well, nope! My 1st time doing video presentation. Last time I only did video for the fun of it.. But not for PRESENTATION!

Have tutorial with alex n kelly. Sigh.. gotta change my site. At first plan to use the old Tong Chai Building at Eu Tong Sen Street. Then both of them oso said the space is too narrow for lion dance. Ok.. So will be going to Sculpture Square for a look 2morrow n see whether the place is suitable for my project.

Sculpture Square opens at 11am. Weird. Dunno how they do their business. Open so late n close so early. We took bus from the hostel to bugis. More familiar with the bus now. Still, there is 2 many numbers.. cant really remember all of it!! We walked to Sculpture Square n took some picture of the outside since it's still not open. Then later, went to find the place tat the librarian gave me. A wu shu centre. When i finally found it, it's not open.. really wonder how they do business. The whole complex is like not open n with no one around except for those at ground floor! Went back to Sculpture Square again later and shoot some photos. Only 1 gallery can take photo and at other place photography is not allowed. We went to Brash Basah Complex where there is a lot of chinese books and art shop there. I tried to find books or VCD on lion dance but there seem to be none selling this kind of things. They have all the other topic like chinese chess, wei qi, wu shu, bla bla bla but just not lion dance. Really a forgotten culture!! Real difficult to find! Then later on, it started to rain. N we need to hurry or else will be late for class. Luckily we are only about half n hour late n when we reach there, Kelly is in the midle of lecturing..

Thursday (that's today)
Din really do anything. Last night I did a concept model and it turns out that it looks like mushroom to me. haha.. Dunno y Kelly ask me to continue what i do in class today. Mayb he see me so busy drawing plan kua. Really got no idea how i should apply the so 'chim' movement in my interior.. Oh ya.. tat reminds me to look at Zaha Hadid's work. Old me.. keep forgetting what i wanna do..

Guess that's all for now. Will be having bbq tomorrow at the East Coast Park. N next wed thurs is also HOLS! n will go JB this SAT! Glad that we finally can go shopping and the Shopping Carnival there is waiting for us :P Must go n buy some stuffs for the concept model making.. the stuffs here only can be describe by this word - EXPENSIVE!
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