Monday, February 27, 2006
this is wat i do when i got nth 2 do..
finish my work on sat n this morning i m really 2 free.. got nth 2 do.. fei till 12 sth till eric is back n giv me some works 2 do.. at 1st plan 2 eat lunch at 1 de.. but end up eating at 2 sth.. wat 2 do.. he talk to me for so so so long.. well, not just talking to me but also talking on phone as well. u know lo.. bz ppl got lots of phone call.. i waited patiently while he talked on phone till it ends, then he will start telling me what 2 change.. this procedure go on n on untill he finish all those thing he wanna tell me.. n tat spends more than 1 hour.. can u imagine?? having lunch alone again.. gotta get use to it la.. i spend the morning at the office alone also.. with nth 2 do.. n the alarm trigger itself.. dunno wat happen also..

well, this is wat i do at the office in the morning.. self potrait.. haha.. reader digest accompany me after tat.. n oso those magazine lo.. really bore to death liao.. luckily i got works 2 do 2morrow.. really happy got works 2 do.. hahaha..

now u can imagine how bore i m lo.. hahaha..
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M.LoO birthday celebration
teh with lots of ice...


look nice? well, dun try this.. the choc will burn eventually.. haha..

this photographer must learn more about photography la..

tat the birthday gal in the middle.. n her present.. the XXXL teh ais..

billy, danny, mloo, me, june

it's a pink day.. the color range from white, pink to red.. except for 1.. such a coincidence..
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Saturday, February 25, 2006
tiring yet satisfying week
this week has been a very tiring n bz week. celebrate moongloo birthday at wongkok ss2 yesternite. wow.. the bucket of teh ais is really really huge.... wonder how those 2 can finish it last time.. there is 8 of us.. most of us drink at least 3 glasses.. the only thing interesting about there is the XXXL size teh ais for the birthday gal.. those other food there not nice de.. my advice is dun go there n eat.. haha.. well, will post some pic after i get it from them..

poor me.. gotta work even on sat.. half day work.. gotta finish the tumasek pewter layout n perspectives b4 i leave coz eric will meet the client at 2pm. so i pia those drawing from morning till i leave.. draw liao 4 perspectives n 1 layout in such a short time.. really geng.. he really la.. next time go site then only ask me 2 draw ma.. waste my time n energy only..

waili came to the office later 2 collect her stuffs.. well, her photo is with me n oso the harry potter peijoo ask me 2 pass it back 2 her.. this week i deliver liao many things oo.. send jy her birthday present from peijoo.. then now return ur stuff.. then jy ask me 2 pass peijoo her present oso.. y keep on asking me 2 do such thing ar? next time must got delivery charges liao.. hahaha.. u really got yuan with eric ar.. just few minutes b4 u reach the office he is back liao.. haha.. he know u r back.. purposely come n c u.. hahhaa..

my interview session with the lasalle ppl went quite ok. she ask quite a lot of things lo.. y wanna study there, explain the project tat u think is the best, whether can write a report in 6000 words, 2ndary sch study science or art stream..... i suppose to b the 1st one.. but end up 2nd coz i only got the softcopy for the portfolio.. waili go 1st.. then me n lastly jy. me n waili get the offer for year 3 while jy gotta go for year 2 if she study there.. waili parents all looks real happy after her interview.. i still know nth about my offer till after jy session.. wait there patiently while chatting with the agent.. luckily for both of us coz there is no additional sem..

been real tiring whole day since i slept around 3 last nite.. n gotta wake up so early.. this week i really dun hav enough sleep.. mayb i sleep 2 much during my hols.. haha.. gotta get use to the lack of sleep now.. even though i feel tire, but still can tahan whole day.. even can go for a swim just now.. geng.. like ah liew say ma.. we still young hor? hahaha..

here some shots from my phone..

the teh ais.. a lot of teh n ais.. a pic b4 we finish it off

c the size of the huge bucket n the glass.. really big different..
we finish it off.. really geng..
oh.. the flower made from the tissue paper is done by billy
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
...blur blur liao...
very very blur now... n real tire.. hopefully i know wat i m typing.. hehe.. well, work as well 2day.. yahoo! 2morrow boss not in.. he will b goin 2 s'pore 2morrow for the tumasek pewter client.. he giv me tonne of works 2 do 2morrow.... (well, not much la.. but then he talk too much, hopefully still can remember wat he said just now..) talk so much till i listen till blur blur liao.. i know he scare i got nth 2 do la.. then talk so much of the dimension.. yo.. really chang qi one.. till i around 6.45 only left the office..

after work, straight away go to dad office n ate dinner with yan there.. we ate at those stall bside giant.. well, the food not bad but the portion 2 big la.. till now still feel really really full.. next time 2 ppl can share 1 liao..

tire tire.. lz 2 type liao la.. gdnite lo.. bedtime!
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Sunday, February 19, 2006
studio photos

hey gal.. here ur sample photos..

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life without water is....
terrible! when i woke up this morning, i thought of goin to bath straight away since gotta teman ling to uitm library.. n when i go into the bathroom only i found out tat there is no water!! aiseh.. then i end up bathing at ling hostel.. after tat only go 2 the library.. uitm real suck la.. i din even go into the campus.. i wait patiently outside since i forget to bring my wallet (no ic, no license.. n tat stupid guard dun let me in..) really bad experience.. i wont go there another time.. i promise!

then after having the SS15 famous rojak for our lunch, i headed to photoprime @ cheras for the 2nd time this month! suppose to meet jy there at 2pm but u know lo.. she is there 1 hour later.. really cant b tat punctual if gotta meet with them.. aiseh.. i oso stuck in the jam but i manage to reach there 2 sth.. n yet.. she reach there at 3.. really ar.. (really wu2 yan2) i m really gonna broke la.. i pay another rm296 for the studio photos.. (well, not i pay la.. i din bring tat much $$. sis pay with her card lo.. after tat only transfer for her la..) studio pic is nicer than the stage photo lo.. did i mention tat i dun like the stage photo.. hmm.. my suppose-2-b stage photo is 2 bright ma.. then they change another one for me.. well.. not nice la.. studio de looks better.. now i really got alot of my graduation photo.. 2 many till dunno where 2 hang la.. got 1 11R de, 3 8R de, 9 pieces 3R de n oso passport size de.. geng hor? now dunno where 2 put la.. the 11R size photo plus the frame all those bcome really big.. alot bigger than my sis de.. (photo same size.. but the frame alot bigger.. hehe) so not gd lo.. since i m only a diploma graduates.. hahaha.. well.. wait till i hang liao only i take a picture of it la..

after taking the pic, went to kl central for the mas fair.. well.. not mant ppl la. we thought it will b very crowded.. actually the price not tat cheap oso la..

at 1st sis wanna belanja us dinner de.. then later postpone it coz dad dun wanna go in this condition... (not enough water 2 bath.. haha) we took our bath at 2 jiu house n since need to go there.. we ma go for klang famous bak kut teh lo.. dry bak kut teh n wet bak kut teh.. well.. i still prefer the wet one la.. after eating only go 2 jiu there n took our bath n listen 2 our 2 jiu stories about NZ.. haha.. mum dye her hair oo.. coz 2 jiu mu got some leftover dye after she dye it this evening... n then she help mum 2 dye lo.. keep asking me whether i wanna dye my hair or not.. erm.. wait till i suddenly got the mood 2 dye my hair then i will la.. hahaha..

dad go to court 10 at nite to share with 3 jiu mu sis about the e learning thing n me n my sis go along lo.. since he want us 2 go... whoever interested in doin business here is the opportunity la.. dad is looking for marketing executive.. there will b a product launching.. erm.. watever tat call la.. on next wed 8pm.. feel free 2 come..

wah.. long blog i got 2day.. 2 many thing happening liao.. haha.. nvm la.. mayb later u guys will miss me blogging.. start working on monday liao.. so there wont b tat much time for me 2 on9.. n of coz when i get home i think i oso will b 2 tire 2 on9.. eric ar.. when u wanna pasang streamyx in the office??? i m waiting...
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
working life...
go back 2 office again today. gotta complete the indah unit de perspective 2day.. wah.. really long time din draw liao.. luckily still remember how to draw.. no one there when i reach the office. so gotta call eric n wait for him lo since he is having his lunch.. when he came back, only start telling me wat to do n later start doin it.. kesian me.. alone in the office. leong came back for a while n go out after that since he got things 2 do.. bside doin my work, i gotta layan those phone calls, those marketing ppl.. bla bla.. when only u will hire a clerk ar? so many calls asking for job but yet still din c anyone coming for interview.. he say no need 2 hire designer anymore if i work there.. real zha dou.. n oso say can wait till few months later after i leave only he hire.. he really geng.. can survive without designer for 2 months.. now he said gotta follow up with those ppl lia.. now, dunno 2morrow he will call n ask me 2 go n work not.. coz he din mention anything about 2morrow goin 2 work.. hmmm.. aiseh.. really miss my driver.. haha.. jam all the way back home 2day.. ldp really very jam 2day.. mayb because of the rain.. i end up picking up boy straightaway after work.. damn tire stucking in the jam..
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
'pao gan' event @ the lake opposite amcorp mall
sunday is indeed an auspicious day. after helping out at dad office, me n yan dcide to go n join the crowd for the 'pao gan' event.. 1st time i join this kind of activities.. we reach there around 8pm. me n yan.. then the others around 9pm.. we walk around the lake n later, dcide to rest @ a place bside the lake since the activities havent started.. then later.. here come the 8tv reporter asking the couple bside us this question.. "did u know each other from this pao gan event?" "normally this kind of activities is for single ppl, how come u all dcide to come?" (of coz they ask in mandarin..) we fast fast 'chao' so that u wont c our faces in the tv.. haha.. there r lion dances, malay dances, chinese dances, chai deng mi, pao gan, n some other activities there.. they r selling 'gan' for rm2 each! luckily my frens brought along so many 'gan'.. till we end up helping others 2 write.. hahaha.. really funny.. ah yan real geng hor.. get a call from dunno who even b4 she throw the 'gan' into the lake.. haha.. seriously.. the event is really funny.. seldom got the chance 2 c so many ppl pao gan.. n even some guy brought their own make de erm.. dunno wat tat call la.. to lao gan.. still got some other funny things happening.. it wont b a secret if i blog it out.. so leave it as a secret 1st.. hehehe... with those crazy bunch of friends, it's really fun being there..

after tat event, we went ss2 de island cafe 2 yum cha.. n play 'cho dai di' n some other games till 1 only we left.. really geng.. damn tire n sleepy liao at tat time since whole day oso so so so bz.. luckily i can sleep till 10 next day..

eric called in the morning n ask me 2 drop by @ the office since he need me 2 help out.. kesian la.. so terpaksa go to the office n draw the office drawing n the indah plan lo.. 2morrow still need 2 go.. aiseh.. guess i will work there for few months kua.. dun wanna go 2morrow oso cannot la.. i told the boss tat i wanna c got transport not 2morrow.. then the boss said if no transport ask leong 2 fetch somemore.. really pengsan.. tat means i cannot run away liao.. aiai.. when i reach there, eric is in the office.. then later.. liew.. this fellow ar.. real qian da one.. ask me how come i m here.. then when dunno y say till cny last day is yesterday.. he say oo.. i still thought wanna giv u angpow.. really jia one.. after a while.. leong came back from his site.. quite surprise 2 c him coz thought he will go some other company 2 work after he complete his degree.. this office ar.. really difficult 2 c new faces.. hahaha..

anyway, anyone interested to b clerk, interior designer faster fax over ur resume la.. (ask me if u wanna know more..) sounds like i m the job provider.. haha.. bside clerk, interior designer, whoever interested in doin marketing for the phone adapter thing can call kevin for more details.. (dunno how much is the pay la.. he say got commission de.. i din ask about the detail..) then also.. whoever free on 25 feb (sat) n wanna replace my fren 2 work in ioi mall let me know oso.. rm80.. just for 1 day.. i got the potential 2 b agent liao... hahaha..
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
summary of this week events..
tomorrow is the last day of cny.. here i wish u happy chap goh mei.
c got time go n 'pao gan' 2morrow or not... since never go b4.. hehe..
after tat, gotta start my job hunting liao.. hehe..
well, quite lz 2 blog lately.. wondering wat i've been up to this week.. erm.. let me c..

mon at 1st wanna go out de.. but his car kena langgar.. so end up at home lo..

tues i oso forget wat i do liao.. read memoirs of the geisha kua.. finish reading liao.. so now nth 2 do again.. book is nicer than the movie..

wed went to photoprime 2 collect the real expensive gradution pic.. my pic different from others de.. coz the suppose-2-b stage photo is too bright liao.. so no choice.. gotta take the potrait de..

thurs nite go 'lou sang' @ selayang in a place name petaling seafood or sth..
they call it a zoo coz they said got lots of animal there..
but coz it's raining.. i din c any animal except a pikachu if u consider tat as an animal.. hehe..
i also dunno they go so far 2 'lou sang'.. daniel very 'wei da'.. fetch us after work n jam till when he reach about 8 liao.. then only go kepong n later to tat place..
when we start to eat it's already 9.. real hungry tat time..
we ate till 12 le.. really geng..

fri.. erm.. b driver lo.. so cham.. at 1st lihwern said wanna drop by coz he is goin usj9 2 'keng' with the boss.. but then later coz i raining kua, so he din come liao.. n when he sms tat time i m in shah alam oso.. fetching sis ma.. so wei da hor.. purposely bring the cd n her pendrive then go library n later baxk home.. raining so heavily somemore.. really kesian me..
then later fetch boy n his fren from sch.. after fetching them back straight away go klia liao.. fetch elder sis.. ate my dinner in the car.. really cham one.. got potential 2 b driver liao..

then 2day.. dad book liao me.. help out at his office.. go there after fetch boy 2 his guitar lesson.. then help out there lo..

2morrow.. will b at my dad office oso.. they r having their softlaunch there at kelana parkview.. anyone interested can drop by at the office.. starting at 3.. check out
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Sunday, February 05, 2006
another visit..
went to '2 jiu' house for a visit on sat..
then went to FGS DongChanShi for another time..
n this time with them..
very familiar with tat place liao.. till know the short cut to get there.. :P
Well, din really have the mood to walk over the whole thing again
just look around and din go inside any of the building this time..
it's quite windy tat day and it ends up raining..
'2 jiu' car stuck in the mud somemore.. cham..
here some more pic of tat day..

'2 jiu' family

this 2 fellow looking real sien

my cousin in the middle..

so packed with ppl when it's raining.. our shelter..
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Friday, February 03, 2006
A Visit to FGS DongChanShi
After meeting @ JY house, we went to FGS DongChanShi @ Jenjarom for a visit
it's not my 1st time there, i went there last CNY
but for them, it's their 1st time
the place really got the new year spirit
n since we 'brought' a photographer along, here are some of his masterpiece.. haha
his skill really not bad oo.. most of the photo still turn out ok even though using night mode..
(normally use night mode really easy to get shaky photo..)
kk.. next time wanna take photo must ask u along.. haha..
(must b very happy since i praise ur skill hor? hahaha..)

our shirts' colour really match the lantern

really 'flowerful'

what is she doin??


the 5 of us, the only pic with Mr. photographer..

praying @ the hall

'guan yin' @ the back

the 4 'big head' buddha

sakura? no.. it's 'mei hua'

'hua yi' exhibition

japanese garden

Paris Eiffel tower

Holland garden

the bridge and 1 of the '18 luo han' member

'hui tou shi an'

'chun dao fu lai'

@ the entrance



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