Wednesday, May 31, 2006
hunting for laptop
actually i m still undecided whether 2 buy a laptop.. but mostly will buy coz more convenient ma.. went low yat yesternite since they said wanna go there. just checking out the laptop.. so now left me to 2 choice lo.. either buying dell inspiron 6400 or the acer aspire 5562. dunno should go for which one.. dell de of coz is much cheaper.. cheaper by few hundred i think..

2day is the last day of may liao.. only left one more month 2 work in this office.. well, i can still blog here tat means i m still very free lo.. not much work 2 do la.. n it's already 11.45am n he is still not here. gd for me.. haha.. whoever wanted such a 'free' designer job can contact him la.. job range: space planning, draw layout plan n perspectives (manual drawing.. he still not high tech enough), sometimes electrical layout, sometimes 2 site (very rare lo), do watever he ask u 2 do.. n oso fei n wait till office hour end.. :P he wanna employ full time de.. really gd of me to advertise for him.. hahaha.. really wondering when only he will get another designer.. wahahaha..
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Monday, May 29, 2006
happy to be free
oopss.. thought will write my blog more often. guess i m wrong.. i really keep myself occupied for the last whole week since he is away. yeah.. i m free. i mean really really free.. i finish my work in no time n end up watching movie n series in the office. if only there is a sofa, then it will b perfect! haha.. :P dun giv me tat kind of look pls! hmm.. shouldnt blog 2 much about office work.. employer can find out about what employee do with just a few clicks.. ok ok.. i dun mind.. since june is my last month there.. then i'll b free.. hmm.. i mean free from work.. actually he oso know i m free de la.. but still can let me 2 b so free.. free till help the clerk to do some filing...

bz hunting for accomodation lately.. even hold a few on9 meeting with jy n waili.. registration is on 17th july.. 1 day after my birthday.. so i will b goin 2 s'pore b4 tat lo.. wont b able 2 celebrate my birthday here liao.. soree frens.. no party tat day.. hahaha.. celebrate earlier for me lo.. i wont mind to get my birthday presents earlier de :P

mum, dad n boy is in thailand now.. if only i know when the sch start earlier... then i will b there now oso.. ai.. 2 bad la.. so now at home lo.. hoho.. not home alone.. still got sis n cousin.. so dun worry... haha.. no mom cooking for whole week.. mum said like this only will miss her cooking when she is back wo.. but then haha.. we din eat outside oso.. hehehe..
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Monday, May 22, 2006
free.. free.. free..
real free now.. waiting for the time 2 pass.. still got half n hour to 6 oclock.. done my thing.. n even finish a movie.. miIII... geng hor.. shh... never ever let him know.. hahaha.. 2morrow n wed will b really free oo.. he is in beijing.. so suang.. on vacation.. while i m here 'fei'ing in the office.. since i already finish my work.. luckily still got this net to teman me.. yep.. finally can on9.. not bcoz my company had apply for broadband.. it's bcoz i brought the wireless adapter with me n got someone gd enough 2 let me use the line.. wahaha.. so still can pass the time with this.. so mayb i will blog more fei hua here oso lo.. since i 2 free.. like now..

will b goin s'pore on july.. now hunting for place 2 stay.. hmm.. any advice on where n which place 2 stay? let me know k.. thx thx.. jiet hui will b studying in england leaving in june.. meet her last sat at pyramid.. bon voyage! c u after u came back after 1 year.. hehe.. enjoy!
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Monday, May 01, 2006
a visit to mines wonderland
after a hectic week of work, finally here comes a public holiday! labour day!! i take fri off to settle the study thing n sat went for the office as there is still half day work though i got nth 2 do there.. boss not around also.. hav an arguement with the agent.. well, hope the things will go well..

did some shopping on fri, yesterday n today. went to isetan, sogo, 1u. hmm.. but only bought liao 2 shirts n 1 big luggage.. aiai.. guess shopping already bcome a passtime heh.. then today in the evening, went to mines wonderland for nicholas teo (zhang dong liang) qian chang hui. it's worth the visit.. it's been a long time since i last been to mines wonderland.. well, the last time i went there is during primary sch.. so so so many years ago.. bside him, the superstar is oso there.. 1st activities for him after he won the superstar title.. after some singing, there is the signing session. my sis get his autograph! oh ya, this place is better for this kind of event compare to the guang liang de in bkt jalil.. nicer place n can c better.. amphitheatre ma..

after the signing session, we went for a walk in mines wonderland n later watch the musical fountain there. i was fascinated by the dancing water.. really beautiful.. then, there is the ngajat dance performance by the murut tribe. a dance for the mighty warrior.. haha.. it's worth the visit since the tickets is free. hehe.. thx 2 him. if not gotta pay rm30 sth just for the entrace fee.. really really expensive ooo.. ok.. i wont go there oso if there is no free ticket.. haha :P i m broke now!!

nicholas album with his signature

Welcome to mines wonderland

sis & me

@ mines wonderland


nicholas n superstar

signing session behind..

beautiful musical fountain

ngajat dance by the murut from sabah

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