Saturday, October 14, 2006
i hate wireless!
stupid wireless... although the creation is a big invention.. but then.. really cant help to hate it la.. so lousy de.. in hostel also like tat.. at lasalle also the same.. beh tahan!! tat's y i blog now.. coz it's really frustrating.. when wanna use cant use.. when we have paid so much but cant use.. cant sign in to msn and yahoo messenger.. memang stupid... now i m using msn web messenger... kesian.. ai... when only will it b better?? when only will they b looking into our complainS?
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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Mid Autumn without lantern
In the past few years, I mostly celebrate mid autumn festival by lighting up the lantern, eating moon cake, drinking tea and playing with candles... This year, I had a totally different kind of celebration. It's my 1st mid autumn in Singapore. Dun really know why, but i feel that Singapore dun really have the mid autumn atmosphere even in the shopping district like Orchard. Didnt see much of the lantern perhaps...

We woke up early in the morning because of the Singapore Biennale 2006. Have been looking forward to this trip coz really need a break after writing the research paper for the whole week. Still not finish! We took this opportunity to visit the Biennale and in the meanwhile, have some fun and relax a bit. There are 3 busses going for the Biennale, 1 if our faculty and the other 2 for the other faculty. We visited Tanglin camp, Asian Civilisation Museum and also the National Museum. The Asian Civilisation Museum is not a site for the Biennale.. it's because the bus driver made a mistake that we end up there... There should really think of our lunch break while organising this.. While we were at the Asian Civilisation Museum, we were all so hungry and end up hunting for food.. There are displays from various artists.. Really artistic... Still, enjoy the trip and enjoy collecting the badges.. haha.. Visit Singapore Biennale for more info.

@ Tanglin Camp

@ Asian Civilization Museum

@ Singapore National Museum
Badges that I've collected :)

Our trip end at 4pm. And from the National Museum, we walked to Orchard Road coz waili wanted to take photo of the 'Sign'. (We've been haunted with our topic ever since we started to do the research paper..) Then later, we walked back to bugis for our class dinner. We had steamboat. Only 6 turn up for this dinner. Most of the other will be joining us later for another session at night. This is also the 1st steamboat i have here in Singapore and the most expensive steamboat i've ever had.... Malaysia stuff is really alot cheaper... It's a steamboat buffet... still, I love the steamboat buffet Yuen @ Sunway better as there have more choices there.. We ate as much as we can... n later start staring at the steamboat since i'm already overloaded with food.

We finished eating around 9pm and started walking from bugis to Orchard again.. My 3rd time walking the same route in 1 day.. (speechless") We need to digest... that's why we walk.. oh.. we have another drinking session at The Rouge @ Orchard. Well, they plan to go Acid Bar at 1st, but then it's really packed.. Most of the place is full house, so in the end, we sat, drink and chat at The Rouge. This time with more people.. n the main point is.. our dearest lecturer, kelly invited us for the drink.. so must go lo.. (he mention not to say he bring us there de.. how can wo) My 1st night life here oso le... n 1st time goin to this kind of place.. in kl we mostly have yum cha session only.... but this time, they order jug of tequila.. n i have around 2 cups of it.. we chat until 12am and later kelly is leaving and asked us to continue partying.. he got motive de la.. belanja us drink this time round and said we next week gotta suffer... will push us real hard for our work... Suzana, Marie and Ann continue to party at another place while the rest of us went back.. I am extremely exhausted with all the activities in 1 day... It's a good experience for me with so many 1st time in 1 day...

Classmates and some of his ex student @ the Rogue
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