Thursday, July 27, 2006
the most DIFFICULT book i ever find.. 舞狮技艺
DAMN! been going library for these few days. The idea of having the 1st week free seem impossible. On the 1st day of school, we already got plenty of work to do. We have 2 subjects this semester which are design studio 3a and research methodology. Here's my timetable.

9-12am Studio
1-5.30pm Research Methodology

9-12am Studio
1-5.30pm Design Studio 3a (K.Lee)

9-12am Studio
1-5.30pm Design Studio 3a (Alex)

9-12am Studio
1-5.30pm Design Studio 3a (K.Lee & Suhan)

9-10.30am Design Thinking
10.30-12.00 Specialise Knowledge
1-5.30pm Studio

Studio is basically a time of our own to do our assignment. The style of learning here is different. We gotta do work in class. That's what the studio time is for. We got our very own table since there are only 16 of us in the class including 3 Malaysian (me, waili & another from New Era College), 2 indonesian, 1 swedish, 1 from China, 1 from Sri Lanka, 1 from Mexico and the other is Singaporean. Alex is a angmo lecturer. We heard that he is a strict lecturer and like Paul Moss (M'sian idol judge), he speaks whatever that comes to his mind. After his lecture on Tuesday, I find it difficult to understand his joke.. He also got the angmo style of praising people before he criticise. K.Lee or Kelly, this lecturer leave a better impression for students. A more fei lecturer. But I quite like the idea that he gave me which will lead to my topic today 'the most DIFFICULT book i ever find.. 舞狮技艺'. Just read on.. Among the 3 of them, Suhan is the "soi"iest lecturer who look down on limkokwing students. She left us with a very bad impression since the orientation. I guess everyone also don't like her. (Shouldnt say I guess, it's a fact!) Our research lecturer, Jacinta, hmm.. still dun really know her except that she is quite long winded.

Ok, back to the topic now. Today is the 2nd time I visit the National Library @ Bugis area. I am doing research on lion dance. It's not that difficult to find information if it's on those history, origin, style of the lion and ceremony. The critical part is what K.Lee asked me to do. I got to do research on the movement, formation and style of lion dancing. Although the idea seems to be quite interesting, but the process of information hunting is torturing. There are none related to that topic at Lasalle library. On net, there is only the name of the style without a clearer picture of what it is like exactly. When I finally found a book name 'The Dance of the Lion' in the database at national library, I went searching for the books and am not able to find it! When i asked the person in charge at the 8th floor (we were at the 8th floor which is a reference area for art n bussiness ), that person told me the book is at the rare book area at 11th floor which is a restricted/protected book and I need to send an email to get the approval to get the book. I decided to email to get the approval at 1st. But luckily, my 6th sense told me that I should go to the 11th floor and ask the person in charge there. And guess what, the person just ask me to fill in a form and write down the name of the book that I want and they will find it for me! Hmm.. excited since I will get to see, not excited since it may not contain the info I am looking at, but still felt lucky as I didnt listen to the 8th floor fellow. Hmm.. My sixth sense is right! It is really not the book i want!! it's a fiction!! really going to faith. Too many obstacle in the way of hunting for those information! Later, I asked the person in charge on the 11th floor regarding the information I need and she is real helpful. She helped me to search for the books regarding lion dance. Together, we search on all the things we can think of. There is some article on Straits Times paper that I could use but not really the thing that I want. We search here and there for quite long, then finally, we found a book in chinese named 舞狮技艺. (search on the database la!) It's on the 9th floor. Ok, here I goes again.. to the 9th floor and hunting for the book. When i finally found the book, I just glance through. Since it's almost 8pm by then. It is a book in traditional chinese wording. Going to loan the book!! Please please please let me to loan it! Not an easy task le.. still gotta translate it.

Wow.. too long winded liao.. Dun hav time to update u guys so often. Can spare some time for this blog now coz 2morrow got no proper class.. what i mean by no proper class is no design or the research class. Will be having ID induction and library research talk 2morrow morning. There will be a workshop induction in the afternoon. okok.. that's all for now.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Singapore River
It's already 23rd of July and our class will be starting tomorrow. Today is the last day for us to play hard.. and i guess later on should concentrate on study. Play hard and study hard. Yeah.. My motto.. haha.. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.. This idiom goes to me too.. hehe..
We went to Singapore River for a visit around 3 o'clock. We visited Raffles, the Merlion, Esplanade, Boat Quay and some places around Singapore River. Of course, we shoot a lot of photos. This time, a lot of imitation.. haha.. The vehicle no '11' is really useful here in Singapore. We walked alot today. Hmm.. not only today. Is EVERYDAY.

We ate an ice cream along the way. Yum yum.. mint flovor ice cream taste extremely delicious in such a hot weather. We ate our lunch at the food court outside our hostel before we push off to Singapore River. Or should said tea break. haha.. Slept till quite today. 11am.. I think the most geng person in sleeping is our Mongolian room mates, she slept earlier than us yesterday and today, when i woke up, she is still in bed.. really pei fu her.. As for our late dinner (or should call it supper?), we ate tuna sandwiches.

Oh, and this morning, I've been exploring the blog skin things.. Actually I've got a new blog skin already.. But then it's still under construction. So, I still didn't change my template. These CSS, HTML stuff really not my field.. Have been exploring for quite some times. It takes quite a while to understand and uses a lot of eyes power.. Maybe will need a spectacles soon if I keep on doing such things. Or contact lens perhaps.. hahaha.. Cant imagine myself wearing spectacles.. Hmm.. The only spec i wear is sunglasses!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006
A visit to East Coast Park
I've stayed in the hostel from yesterday (whole day) till today afternoon. We wanna go out but cant think of anywhere 2 go. We planned to go to JB today at 1st. In fact, we dun really hav anything 2 do there. So till the end, we decided not to go. We decided to go to East Coast Park instead. We got no idea how 2 get there, but it seems like not far away from the hostel. CK from the management office told us we could either take a bus no 197 or take a walk there. It will only takes 15 to 20 minutes.. n so, we walked there. Not far away, really.. at least better than the walk to Lasalle. haha.. It's a nice park with plenty of activities for all. Roller skating, cycling, bbq, swimming, jogging... n it is also a heaven for couples! Mostly youngster there. Either with friends or family. The park stretches along the coastline. We didn't get to c the whole park as our stomach din feel well n it's quite a big place. Not easy to find a washroom there! We gotta walked for so long before we finally see the washroom. N it's such a small one! We waited patiently 4 our turn.. Such a big park with such a small washroom! Maybe there is still some other washroom there but we dunno. Ai, my stomach still not feeling very good.. dunno wat makes our stomach felt this way! I still able to enjoy the breezy wind at tat sandy beach though. Can visit it more often when we are free as it is quite near. The water is not advisable to swim as there are quite alot of rubbish there :P Who say singapore is clean??

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Friday, July 21, 2006
Digital Fortress
Just finish reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. This is the 2nd Dan Brown's book i've read. Suddenly in the mood of reading his book.. 1st book i've read is Da Vinci Code. Both are ebook. I still prefer the conventional type of reading. Can lie on the sofa or bed to read. more comfortable n enjoyable. reading e book in front of the pc not so suang.. Da Vinci Code's book is interesting than the movie. Remember the first time I watched it late at night, I watch untill I fell asleep. I also dunno I watch till where. hehe.. luckily the 2nd time din sleep.. if i sleep again i wont watch for the 3rd time.. haha.. Both of his book also got cryptographer. he is really into this kind of thing huh.. hmm.. not bad la.. quite interesting. at least his book keep me occupied for some times.. if not also dunno wat to do here. at 1st plan 2 go out in the evening today de.. then the dell ppl send the adapter here for waili. Hmm.. change the adapter. In the end also lz 2 go out. The way tat fellow talk damn funny.. Oh ya, I din mention tat we gotta a new room mate from mongolia right? Hmm.. Actually she came here few days ago de.. she like very cham.. but then we also can do nth.. since we still cannot communicate with her. She dunno how 2 speak english n mandarin.. n we dunno her language. We only know her name is Sarah n she came here 2 learn english. tat's all.. Other than tat, we really dunno. really cham de.. c her always sleep sleep n sleep only.. dun hav other things 2 do.. we all brought so many stuffs here while she only got 1 luggage.. n everytime wearing the same shirt de.. really look real cham.. aiai.. Oo.. not really related to the digital fortress eh.. hmm.. wanna know about it ma go n read tat book lo.. :P I know i real fei la.. tat's wat this blog is for ma.. writing nonsense n keep me occupied! hehehe.. Perhaps later on I wont blog so often.. who knows??
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Happy 21st Birthday Yi How

Happy 21st birthday to u.. Enjoy!
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Thursday, July 20, 2006
This is the 1st time i participate in orientation. Nothing special about it. It started with a video presentation on the new campus. Following that is speech and briefing. We have a break around 11am where we looked around the college and fill in the 'get to know the campus contest'. While we were at the canteen to eat our lunch (drink the lemon tea n eat the chipmore they provide), there is the group stomp performance by the Faculty of Performing Arts.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Overview of today's happening..
Here's where i stay. Katong Student Hostel @ Tanjong Katong road.. This picture is taken when we came back by bus from marine parade. Learning to take bus here.. very environmental friendly.. use pub

After shopping.. bought stuff for spring cleaning... it is easier 2 do it ourselves rather than request for it at the management..
Rare sight.. seldom c her wearing skirt.. haha.. she bought this skirt from 1u de.. hehehe... so i c her trying it b4

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
all government department is the same..
went to ICA to do my student pass 2day. we walked from katong hostel to paya lebar mrt station.. then later take mrt to lavender n then to ica... the queue is extremely long when we reach there.. but still better than yesterday coz it's moving.. after taking the number, we waited inside till it's our turn.. waited waited n waited.. really testing our patience here.. always also need to queue.. n the number not in sequence de.. weird system they got.. who said singapore government is efficient?? i dont think so.. mayb a bit better than malaysia.. but still not tat efficient.. after waiting for quite long, only is our turn.. they took my passport, in principle letter, medical checkup report, n certified the cert.. n later, ask us 2 come back at 2.. read on.. then u'll know y i said they r not efficient.. we went bugis for lunch n walk around there. went to c our new campus.. still under construction..

LasalleSIA new campus @ bugis area

Waili n me.. site supervising huh??
JY n me introducing our new campus...
After site supervising, we went to sim lim square. it's like low yat in kl.. selling com stuff, camera, phone.... the fellow offer me $450 for Panasonic Lumix FX01... it's cheap.. but then no $$$... hahaha.. keep asking me 2 buy.. n said if walk out dun hav tat price liao.. attracted to the camera.. but 有心无力。hehe.. the phone compare 2 kl oso cheaper.. next time wanna buy thing can buy there.. the thing that cant buy her is pc.. expensive!

Went back 2 ICA at 2 o'clock.. according to the fellow earlier, she asked us to wait for our no to be called.. we waited waited n waited.. n i asked another staff there.. she said will start calling us around half n hour.. their half n hour is extremely long.. after watching the Mr. Bean there.. i beh tahan liao.. went washroom.. n went back 2 c the no.. still not moving.. n then i went downstair.. look at their cafeteria n went to the ica gallery.. just glance through.. in no mood 2 study in detail.. then later went back 2 my seat n wait... still not my no.. after wat it seems like ages later.. i memang cannot tahan seating there liao.. so i ask the fellow at the counter.. the same fellow who did my thing earlier.. n this time.. she asked me 2 go back 2 my seat n will call me shortly.. ok.. n when my no is called... she told me tat we shouldnt wait for the no.. should go directly to the counter n ask whether our student pass is done.. weird! this is not wat she said earlier.. really frustrated.. after YEARS of waiting only told me this.. went out real fast after settle our student pass.. dun ever want to go to tat place again.. if can avoid it.. tat's y i said s'pore gov not efficient at all!!

went back 2 paya lebar station after tat.. n went to the singapore post there to have a look.. the bld is cool!

they said i look like korean with the cap wo..
ok.. i m tourist!! hehe.. must learn some korean words.. :P
there is a nice post office, shops, kfc, mcD, Long John Silver, Popular, Fair Price supermarket inside this bld.. this few days did some window shopping.. n oso market survey.. can do a comparison list later.. haha..

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Monday, July 17, 2006
Registration @ Lasalle
aihs.. thought tat singapore should b more efficient.. guess i m wrong.. it took us around half n hour 2 reach the coll.. walking there.. really gd exercies.. must do at least 1 hour walking daily.. go there n come back.. can keep fit here i guess.. hahaha.. (must look at the bright side)

when we reach there, there is a really really long queue there.. so we oso line up n wait for our turn.. it seems to me like ages later, we only manage to get into the auditorium.. n it's still not our turn yet.. just imagine standing outside for so long.. n it is so hot n stuffy out there.. wat they do is provide us with the mineral water only.. after tat only manage to go inside n still waiting.. but this time seating there.. waiting till my name is call. surrounded by sri lanka ppl at the place where i sit.. sri lanka girl bside me, sri lanka guy behind me, n in front a sri lanka guy also. then another side is a guy from nepal. then bside him is another guy from sri lanka.. it just took less than 1 minute to settle my thing.. they only photostate my passport!! waiting for so long just for tat.. n now.. gotta queue again at the next station, to get a signature to proof tat u pay!! real stupid.. after this, go n queue up again for photo taking session. photo for the student card.. after waiting waiting n still waiting, i m bore 2 dead n already in no mood for the photo.. so the end result for my student card's photo is ugly lo.. not satisfy.. they already shoot 2 times.. n still... after tat, went to get my in principle approval letter n proceed to the next station to get my student card.. then last stop to fill in the survey form. oh ya.. we oso go a place call DAA to collect the schedule for our course.. 5 days a week.. dunno wat the studio means oso.. got research methology, design n design thinking.. 5 days oso got class..

after me n waili finish tat, we still gotta wait for jy.. she is still waiting at the station for the payment! we walk around the college n shoot some photo.. since got nth 2 do except waiting.. here some pictures.. .

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Friday, July 14, 2006
Bz Week
Will b going to S'pore 2morrow.. ai.. still havent finish packing.. lz 2 think wat else 2 bring.. Still dun hav any special feeling.. dunno y.. haha.. mayb is s'pore kua.. nearby country.. Must do my last minute packing liao! tat's y today i so guai.. dun hav any plan 2 go anywhere.. hehehe.. this week has been a bz week.. monday watch superman @ GSC Summit, ate Shakey's pizza there, then at night yum cha with moongloo & weijun. Then Tues went for some to do shopping n settle some stuffs.. Pizza for Lunch.. Domino Pizza. Tat's y i wanna SAY NO TO PIZZA!! continuosly 2 days eating pizza.. then Wed we went to Cineleisure.. Plan 2 watch movie de.. but when we go there there's no movie 2 watch! The screening for RV is over.. then we dun wanna watch those horror movie.. so end up shopping @ The Curve.. haha.. then at night went to Kota Kemuning McD yum cha.. coz of Chu hong lo.. if not oso wont go Kota Kemuning de.. he keep saying tat Bkt Rimau is a place for the retired! haha.. tat's y gam u la.. :P then yesterday, went to watch Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest - harta orang mati! real funny to see the translation in BM.. it really sounds bad! The movie is funny, but i still prefer the 1st episode. This episode dun hav an ending! Coz they r preparing for the 3rd episode.. so gotta wait till dunno when only can watch the ending.. Then later we planned to eat steamboat with our coursemate de.. but then those fellow last minutes din turn up.. n all also last minute said cannot de.. y cant u all inform earlier??? wat to do.. tat's their style! so end up only me, JY n Peijoo. Thx for ur birthday present, Peijoo! Jerry, thx for ur birthday present too.. :)
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Monday, July 10, 2006
World Cup Season Finally OVER!
Finally, the world cup season is over! although i m not a football fan, but then i still stay up in the morning to watch the final match - Italy vs France! thought can sleep at 4 de.. but then unable to do so coz of the extra time n the penalty. ai.. the result --> not enough sleep!! slept till 9 sth then awaken by the phone! not my alarm.. jamie called.. ai.. then later sleep till around 10 n wake up.. went summit for lunch n later watch superman. nowadays dunno y everyone keep asking me to eat eat eat only.. it really sounds like i will suffer hunger there in s'pore.. then at nite go yum cha with jamie n wei jun.. all of us so tire but still go out.. all bcoz of the football lo.. Glad tat ur season is over!
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Sunday, July 09, 2006
My earlier birthday dinner..
really full now.. just had my dinner @ 3 star, Klang - 2jiu favourite place for seafood.. haha.. mum said it's my earlier 21st birthday celebration wo... going to be 21st in few more days.. we had fish, pork, chicken, crab n vege.. yum yum.. (wei sis, purposely write for u 2 c de oo.. really delicious.. i eat on ur behalf.. hehe.. u enjoy ur maggi mee there la.. :P) the food not bad lo.. n oso cheap.. 10 of us eating only cost RM120.. hmm.. 2 jiu keep asking me 2 eat more.. said later go s'pore eat mix rice only.. haha.. then mum lagi teruk.. said i eat maggi mee.. ai.. mayb i really should bring 1 whole year de stock there liao.. hehehe... :P

nowadays go shopping shopping n shopping only.. fri went to pyramid, sat went to 1u, n 2day went 2 midvalley.. bought liao reebok de walking shoe oo.. my 1st reebok.. hehe.. mom oso bought 1.. really got lots of new stuff liao.. hehe.. new laptop (my birthday present from mom n dad, thx ya!), my 1st ever nike laptop bag, 1st reebok shoes.. wat else? hmm.. still want a camera (panasonic lumix fx01.. aiming for tat.. any better model?) nope, no point buying new handphone although phone there is much cheaper with phone line registration.. let dad c which one he want lo.. i prefer camera.. wahaha.. then ar.. laptop hardisk.. 70G in this laptop like not enough le.. did i ask for 2 much? guess so.. ok la.. must be satisfy with wat i have now.. buy 2 much then later need 2 bring 2 many things there.. argh! still havent change sing currency! must pack pack pack all my stuff liao!
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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Friday at Pyramid
Finally collect my medical report liao.. nth special.. i m healthy.. hahaha :P suppose to collect it yesterday, but when i go with JY yesterday, they cant find our report.... so we said we'll come back later 2 collect n they said they'll called after they find the report.. lousy clinic... luckily still able 2 find.. if not gotta do checkup for 2nd time.. alot of cells died for the x ray liao.. n oso lose alot of blood.. hahaha.. but still dunno which blood group i belong to.. ai... oo.. i din go back 2 the clinic yesterday coz we went to redbox sing k later.. 12-3pm.. then later shopping with her.. really shopping with an auntie.. hahaha.. i dare not go 2 the part selling pc thing liao.. luckily for her coz she still bought a printer... but not after walking here n there for few rounds... then later she hunt for her laptop bag lagi.. go here n there... all oso not nice n expensive.. then i suggest 2 go parkson 2 hav a look.. n guess wat.. really got cheap laptop bag inside.. the laptop bag she bought only cost 40 plus plus after 50% discount. memang cheap.. but i still like my one better... hehehe :P i m at pyramid almost wholeday yesterday la.. after sing k, go shopping, after shopping go for dinner with 2ndary sch frens.. we went teppanyaki for dinner. only four of us, me, siew sin, sharon n vivian.. both of them oso surprise vivian turn up.. well, i dun coz i know ma.. hahaha..
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Saturday, July 01, 2006
Yesterday & today

was a happy day. went to work even though it is already 1st of July.. y? ask my boss lo.. he dun wanna let me off ma.. aiseh.. but then, sth out of expectation happened.. around almost 1pm, when i m about 2 leave the office, he came back. then i pass him the thing i've finished.. n then told him tat i wont b goin 2 work on mon as i wanna go for medical checkup. he told me tat the new designer will start work on wed.. then said if tues need my help will call me.. ok.. i m ok with tat.... thx 2 the new designer, if not he surely wont let me off so soon de.. haha.. after tat, i m in real gd mood.. :P since mostly no need 2 work liao.. wahhaha..

went 2 seremban 2 celebrate grandpa's birthday. it's sort of like a family gathering, all gather under 1 roof n have dinner there. we went there n came back on the same day as sis will fly on the 2nd. really laugh alot there.. haha.. 1st, lihyen being the model.

this girl is pretty right? hahaha...

how about this? girlish not?
really cant help laughing seeing these pic..

he or she watsoever can 'pan cool' oso de.. haha.. :P

well, another funny thing is jan kye lo. he said he wanna keep quiet for half an hour n end up making a sound in less than 1 minute.. hehe.. n later coz he said he can tahan for half n hour, he end up lip talking n write on paper 2 tell us wat he wanna said for the next 30 minutes.. damn funny seeing him like tat.. really felt susah for him.. coz he really cannot tahan not talking de... hahaha..

me n wen ying

her self taken photo..


now, y this expression?
while she is talking on phone, i shoot a pic of her ma.. so tat she can use this 2 compare her look later.. haha.. c she will b fat when she go there not.. hahaha.. tat's y she make this kind of expression lo..

this is the before photo.. c how will she look like in the after photo... yep, she is leaving 2 NZ 2day.

ling n mum

bro n dad

sis n neo


big mouth monster eating McD.. "P

her 'bei ying'

ok.. tat's all la.. Bon Voyage.. happy flying.. haha.. she is on her way 2 NZ.. 12 hours flight.. just imagize...
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