Monday, April 30, 2007
Craving for food
thx jenny for her creation of salad.. with ham, cheese, egg, apple, celery n mayo. yum yum.. delicious.. n oso ur bak kut teh soup.. finally got some not-white-bak kut teh liao.. keke..

new creation of salad..

cheer to bak kut teh soup in black

went to little india yesterday. stroll along the street. nth much there.. just alot of shops selling indian art n craft, eateries, temple n so on.. hmm.. mayb bcoz i've seen all these b4.. n tat's wat make it less special.. haha.. well, their streets r interesting though.. it's called kerbau street.. n there is another one called buffalo street. hmm.. dunno who is the fellow who giv it such a name.. one is kerbau n another buffalo.. the only different is one is in english n another is in malay...
n there is oso this hotel...
called buffalo hotel.. y they like buffalo so much ar?

guess still cant leave design alone.. even should b enjoying the hols... here r some piece of

n for our lunch, i had mutton nasi briyani while waili had the so called chicken set meal.. it's sort of like banana leaf... there is the banana leaf there but i guess u just cant find any meal called banna leaf here.. n even the indian food is now served like fast food! the food is quite expensive.. but they serve in extremely large portion.. which is enough to last for lunch n dinner.. haha..

mutton nasi briyani: 1st time c nasi briyani with egg.. the curry is too salty.. the keropok not crunchy enough.. the one @ bencoolen street taste much better.. except tat they arent any keropok there.. hehe..

chicken set meal

n after little india, we went to chinatown. eat the mango with pomelo n sago.. yum yum.. tat's nice.. but the pomelo not sweet enough.. is bitter... then if it's cooler then will b shiok!

n for our dinner.. we hav this peanut soup.. wow.. long time din eat tong shui... yummy.. a bit too sweet though.. haha..

very magnificent view of the temple in chinatown

there is this restaurant at clarke quay called clinic.. which.. really looks like clinic.. who wanna eat there with the blood bside o?

thx to the legs who did so much walking... bravo!.. conquer 3 places in 1 day!
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  • At 4:18 AM, Anonymous ingling said…

    eat nasi briyani liao still can eat so many other food. on the weight gain program izzit? make me hungry nia. save me some and bring to nz la.

  • At 10:41 PM, Blogger *1nghU@* said…

    hehe.. too long din eat dessert liao ma... :P u ar.. wait till u come back only u eat lo.. i'll take more pic for u when i go back n eat k :P hohoho...

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