Tuesday, June 27, 2006
eiks.. at 1st really keen to wait on fri de.. coz it's my last day ma.. guess it's only a so called last day. really really dissapointed.. he still dun wanna let me off.. he asked me 2 work until next wed yesterday.. i din really giv him a yes.. but still can c tat he take it as a yes lo.. he ask me when will i b goin 2 s'pore.. i, myself oso not sure.. i told him next sat.. haha.. luckily.. if not lagi cham.. dunno when only i can go.. aiya.. me memang kesian one... no off.. at 1st thought 2morrow can sleep late de.. end up still gotta work.. aiseh.. must really look at the bright side.. work on sat oso got 1 day de pay although only work half day.. my only consolation.. hehe.. mon must take off.. wanna go for medical checkup.. he memang pandai de la.. if i say no later he dun wanna pay me.. sobsob..

he belanja us to eat steamboat for lunch.. at 1st me n the clerk plan 2 go pizza hut to eat 2day de.. she said she wanna belanja me ma.. but since boss wanna belanja of coz we go lo.. we went to the corner shop 金山城 for steamboat ar.. still ok la.. the 麻辣 de soup 2 oily n no taste.. i only eat the herbal de.. should said every one oso eat tat. the soup base not bad lo.. according to tat fellow, the steamboat is 四川 style de.. the sauce quite special.. not bad.. the food normal lo.. it's my 2nd time in tat shop.. the 1st time is not for steamboat.. we go for the set lunch.. actually during lunch hour there is a buffet steamboat which cost RM19.90 de.. but then dunno y eric dun wanna eat buffet style de.. so ma order lo.. hmm.. dunno how much he pay in the end.. but then i know to him is cheap de.. he keep on saying the service there very cha.. but he already been there few times..

suddenly got so much work 2 do.. tat one waili sis introduce de only do liao plan.. then gotta draw for tat bkt utama condo for dunno who.. father bought for their children de.. really lucky children with rich dad.. kk.. then quotation for tat veron lagi.. surely still got some drawings need 2 be changed de.. aiseh.. when only me will b free o??
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Monday, June 26, 2006
no wonder ppl said resign need courage...
really suffering now.. hehe.. 2 use 2 fei at office :P n now he gave me tonne of works 2 do since he know tat i'll b leaving soon. yes, real soon, this fri is the last day. 4 more days to go. n he still din employ any ppl.. he already advertise in sin chew.. but till now only receive 1 call.. hmm.. no one hunting for job now?? really weird de.. hmm.. tat one i m suffering now.. if he can employ 1 then he wont rush me for drawings.. aiseh.. he already put it clearly tat he want it fast... coz last time he wont giv me so much things in 1 time de.. but now.. suddenly giv me so many things 2 do.. n still said take my time.. isnt it obvious tat he want it fast wo... really ar.. still say take my time.. 2day i work in half conscious condition.. y? coz i only half awake for the whole day. went asia cafe 2 celebrate fren birthday. belated birthday.. haha.. n watch football for the 1st time during this world cup fever season.. hahaha.. really got the atmosphere watching there.. like all also england fan only.. haha.. but then 2 hour only 1 goal.. like.. hmm.. dunno how 2 describe..
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Friday, June 23, 2006
aiks.. thought nice one.. but guess i m wrong.. haha.. suan la..

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testing this photo looping thing..
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
gathering @ station 1
dunno y sookling suddenly suggest 2 gather @ station 1 in bandar puteri, puchong yesternite. n so, 6 of us turn up.. me, yan, lam, sookling, peijoo, winnie. wonder wat is the occassion at 1st.. haha.. sookling n peijoo after their final n this week let them 2 upgrade their work.. after mon then will b their official hols. worth celebrate de.. finally finish liao 1 sem wo.. peijoo said if ask her regarding the degree course, she will advise u not to take.. n said wanna giv up somemore.. like study till real cham only.. yan working in sy design in puchong. always said not enough $ de.. but yes lo.. since she gotta pay for her car lagi.. then other expenses oso le.. but then luckily she got such a gd previous boss.. can save on rent.. hahaha.. according to her the bad thing about the company is till now still dun hav the chance 2 go 2 site.. lam working freelance now.. she is doin freelance with her colleages.. hmm.. i say all of them boycott their boss.. it really looks tat way 2 me.. but still suang lo.. working from home wo.. winnie da jie now promoted to senior designer liao.. real geng.. but she really pia in working de.. we always said she is 'gong zhuo huang'.. hehe.. but i guess it pays off huh? now the pay oso over 2k oo.. senghow will go 2 her company 2 work starting next month.. hmm.. guess all oso i mention liao.. now me le? haha.. will b goin 2 s'pore on july 15. peijoo said she oso wanna go.. wanna go there n '3 si' wo.. n this is my last month working.. yeah! 8 more days!!
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Monday, June 19, 2006
now only he realise
now only he realise there is a thing call 3d?? hmm.. i think still not 2 late if he put it in gd use.. haha.. luckily got his architect fren to remind him of that.. wanna take this opportunity to ask him 2 buy the intericad de.. but then he said expensive wo.. then i oso dunno wat 2 say liao.. 1st time he ask me things related to 3d.. use wat software, bla bla bla.. n say in future manual drawing will b out n replace by 3d.. hmm.. u know then gd lo.. still asking me for manual drawings....

another 10 more days to go.. then i'll b free from work.. wahahha.. cant wait.. must pray that he will find an interior designer faster.. if not surely he will ask me back 2 work again de... today he already ask me if he still cant get a designer then can come back to help out ma.. then i said c 1st lo.. if got nth 2 do ba can lo.. luckily i answer this way.. if not he oso wont b so fast 2 advertise in paper.. 1st time c him 2 gao dim things so fast.. c wed de sin chew.. should got liao..

nowadays i real free in office.. luckily i found sth 2 do.. even in front of him, i oso flip magazine, explore 3dmax.. hehe.. of coz when finish all the task given lo.. dunno y nowadays everyday oso ask me 2 change here n there a bit only.. like know i got nth 2 do then ba ask me 2 do a little bit thing.. ying chou me?? hmm... nvm.. only 10 more days 2 fei in office..

mayb i should change the title of this blog to my boss de life liao.. since i always oso will said sth bout him.. wahaha.. feel sorry for the others.. din mention about them.. ok la.. there is oso other ppl de.. here goes..

ah liew.. my supervisor.. hmm.. should said site supervisor.. boss de right hand man.. work with him for 6 years liao i think.. this fellow ar.. like 2 eat de.. haha.. always 'wat' supplier to belanja him.. n sometimes bcoz of tat, we oso get the privilege.... hehe.. he also like 2 talk fei hua with me.. ( i take his talking as fei hua de.. hehe.. of coz got not fei de time oso :P).. then ar.. wat else bout him ar.. k la.. must said sth bad.. he is not tat rajin oso de.. can sleep at work.. then ar.. teach us bad thing lo.. wahahha..

ah leong.. this fellow is really the right candidate for "the best employee award". haha.. he 2 rajin liao.. n oso very guai one.. really seldom c ppl so guai de.. esp guy.. hmm.. now he is like alot bzier than the boss n the supervisor. seldom c him in office de.. memang the best employee.. a clap for him..

clerk. she is still the newest 2 the office.. the only 1 who teman me in the office.. we both always fei in the office de.. do work a while, play for a while.. already bcome a daily routine.. hehehe.. then everytime eat lunch will ask the same old question "where 2 eat". now our lunch's destination depends on the weather de.. hahaha.. she is more bz then me la.. since she gotta do filing for those years ago de bill.. real cham.. sometimes i free till oso help her 2 do filing lo.. enjoy those time when eric ask us 2 go n settle the epf n the income tax things.. since she got no car, i, by eric's order gotta fetch her 2 those place.. actually settle the thing really fast de.. then we dun wanna go back 2 the office so early.. ba go n hav a cup of tea only go back.. hehe.. we both memang soi one.. ai.. wat 2 do.. everything gotta wait for him..

tat's all the staff in the office liao.. other is at site de.. i oso dunno who r them. now got a client 2 check out on us de.. like 2day, around 6 tat time.. mrs ooi called.. n i answer.. she speak cantonese with me.. i ba layan her lo..

"6 oclok liao still not back ar?"
"goin 2"
"eric in?"
"nope, just went out"
"icic" (shortened english version. hehe..)

she is the freqent caller. last time every morning will get a morning call de.. now better liao.. but still get a lot of call from her.. lonely auntie i think.. hmm :P

kk.. i memang chang qi.. talk so many fei hua.. should change the post title to my office life.. hehe..
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Friday, June 16, 2006
spot the similiarity

any idea? well.. read till the end to get the answer.. haha.. actually this pic is taken quite a while ago.. now she is in england liao.. future pharmacist oo.. dun play play.. we met up b4 she left @ pyramid n hav a great meal @ manhattan fish market. thx sharon for ur treat ya! 2 bad u guys cant c her in here.. okok.. now now.. wat is the similiarity.. actually is really a coincident la.. the colour of the cup n the drink is similar to the colour of our shirt.. tat goes to not only the 2 of us but the 3 of us.. hehehe.. :P
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Monday, June 12, 2006
Yan new hairstyle..
Dedicated 2 waili.. hehe... :P

actually not new liao la.. quite some time liao.. but since u all din c her for quite some time liao oso.. here it is...

ta da.... her new hairstyle..

cute car @ 1u..

how? cute ma? hahaha.. actually din get her permission 2 post de ar.. shh.. everyone keep quiet then she wont know lo.. :P
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
sometime it's no gd 2 b 2 honest..
really regret not having tat extra 50 buck now.. if not.. i can spend it in many many ways.. but then now.. only left if only i get tat extra 50 buck, then bla bla bla.. aiseh.. claim from him directly better then claiming by km lo.. haha.. since he giv me i should take ma.. but then tat time really cannot sot tat msg n dunno y i so honest... hahaha.. so end up this way lo.. i really fei 2 much in the office liao.. tat's y end up this way.. sob sob.. even the clerk oso ask y dun wanna take.. she oso blur blur tat time.. same with me.. after this whole thing is over then only we realise tat we really should just pretend we din take any claim n take it for other use.. then tat $ can use 2 buy us lunch on mon... hahaha... work liao so long from jan onward till now he oso din belanja makan.. those ppl all waiting till i chao then wanna c he got belanja not wo.. mayb he will b as always pretend nth happen kua.. even he went to beijing also din buy anything back.. the clerk keep saying he really always pretend like nth happen de.. aiks.. biasa liao wo.. wat 2 do.. guess it's 2 late now.. no fate with tat piece of $$.. only left imagination... hahaha..

but still, there is still some gd thing after work.. haha.. lih wern belanja us makan at tgi friday wo... :P if u ask him he surely said we both pakat n wat him belanja de la.. but then u really said wanna belanja us for a long long time liao la.. so now it's the time la.. hehe.. n since u wont c us for quite some time after we left in july.. so now got chance 2 belanja us ma.. must b thankful.. after all nobody will b so gd 2 left u with so much food liao.. :P hehe.. thx for ur treat ya!
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Friday, June 02, 2006
oh god.. help me pls!!
here m i blogging again. y? b'coz i got nth 2 do. really really suffering here. nth 2 do.. this is already the 3rd blog i wrote from tat days onward saying tat i m 2 free.. oh god.. help me pls!! let this month pass faster n i can lead life away from this boring place (bore bcoz got not much thing 2 do n hav to face this 4 walls all the time.. aiseh..), n b free from enslavement! (hmm. cannot consider as slave also i guess.. coz i got nth 2 do de wo..) really dunno how 2 pass the time here.. play games oso play till bore liao.. on9 oso dunno what 2 surf n the line here real bad.. cant complain much though since i m using other ppl line.. luckily 2morrow is public holiday.. console myself using this... haha..
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