Thursday, March 30, 2006
anyone as fei as me?
i bet no one can b so fei like me in the office.. although the work time is from 9.30 till 6.30.. i only did liao work for less than 10 minutes.. geng hor? i oso peifu myself.. can fei liao whole morning.. eric came back b4 lunch time n ask me 2 change a bit of the plan.. well, he knows i m real free (since i flip magazine in front of him..) but he dun expect me to change the plan for whole day right? aiyo.. after lunch i ma change the plan lo.. it takes less than 10 minutes la.. slight changes only ma.. then later continue 2 fei.. cham la.. 2morrow morning gotta continue 2 fei again... i really go 2 the office to show my face only.. left the office at 6 coz i really sien till can fa mei liao.. nth 2 do.. so chao earlier.. haha..
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Thursday, March 23, 2006
Happy Belated birthday,Winnie

we celebrate winnie birthday @ naili's place, taipan just now. Sorry cant celebrate for u earlier.. but gd oso right.. can celebrate twice.. hehe :P tat's a ghostly pic i took.. haha.. really make tat place look haunted. she looks a little bit drunk in this pic. although we din take any alcohol.. guess she work too hard liao..

Waili, everyone waiting for ur grad photo la.. when only we can get it?? haha.. just now winnie ask me again liao..

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Sunday, March 19, 2006
lANg TEnGah ISlanD
have been looking forward for this trip to Lang Tengah Island. It’s been quite sometimes since I last been to a beach. Lang Tengah Island is situated off the coast of Terengganu. The journey there took us 7 to 8 hours. We push off as early as 1am in the morning. I just slept 1 hour plus that night. Really geng.. we ate our breakfast at Kuala Terengganu. of coz, we go for the famous nasi dagang and nasi kerabu. yummy.. the food there is cheap compare to here.. only RM2.. where to get such price in KL? After breakfast, we went to the jetty at Merang. We walked and have a look around there since we reach there early and will board the boat at 9.30am.. but you know lo, malaysian where got so punctual like us de.. end up around 10am only we ride on the boat.. real suang riding the boat.. very windy but very hot! under the hot sun.. dunno y those mat salleh enjoy sun bathing so much.. ppl here like all also scare of sun de.. hahaha.. the boat ride alone took us around 1 hours.. real suang riding boat.. once u reach there there will use a speed boat to transfer you to the jetty.

Crystal clear sea-water, pristine beaches and untouched tropical jungle. Its arresting beauty can easily captivate you while you are there. After having lunch there, I have a short nap as there will be a snorkelling trip to redang marine park at 2.30pm. According go my sis, the redang marine park not so nice liao compare to last time.. well, i can c oso lo.. alot of coral oso dead liao.. but still got alot of nice fishes la.. some nice coral also.. not much.. the next day, we went for the round island snorkelling trip. there, in the middle of the ocean, u can c much more interesting n nicer coral.. even saw a turtle! we also have a jungle trekking session in the evening. jungle trekking with our slippers! really geng.. my sis lagi geng.. with her 'so call slipper'. i wont forget her knocking me over with her "slipper"!! once u reach rhe place with the batu gajah and all those nice views looking over at redang island, u will feel the walk is worth it.. Its arresting beauty will lingers forever in my memory. An tranquil island indeed. at nite, we listen to the the rhythm of the sea.. relaxing at the deck, and later have our karaoke session. we also play card and learn liao a trick from one of the guy there.. hahaha.. that's briefly about my trip.. took too many photos liao.. we really kua zhang.. brought liao 3 digicam there.. keep on snapping n snapping photos..

more pictures, click here
more pictures of the scenery, click here
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lANg TEnGah ISlanD

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Saturday, March 11, 2006
... (cant think of any titlela..)
just watch final destination 3.. well, i watch final destination 1 or 2 b4.. i oso not sure which one... but then the story is still like this lo.. ppl die n die.. n the end is still like no ending.. so tat they can continue to produce 4,5,6... dun really like this kind of story.. but then just join them 2 watch.. quite long din go for movie.. really a bit outdated.. wat to do.. nowadays keep on working only.. although i dun hav thing to do like this morning.. fei liao half of my day at the office.. even finish a 3d drawing liao.. (nth related to wat he ask me to do.. coz i 2 free i draw 2 explore only..) i really know how 2 use those simple shape only.. complicated one dunno how 2 draw.. this is the result of my 'wuliao'ness at the office...

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Friday, March 10, 2006
break my own record..
WOW! peifu myself.. tat eric want me to finish all those perspective views today.. coz tat bu link house launch at 7AM 2morrow.. n he will b there to giv out those leaflet, brochure... watever u name tat.. and the result is.. i gotta finish all the perspective drawings by today!! i just done the layout yesterday n when i reach the office this morning.. i cant find those layout i print!! so i guess eric take it liao n i reprint it n start drawing lo.. nowadays he is at the office real early oo.. yesterday even earlier than me.. haha.. once i get out of the car i saw him liao.. few steps ahead of me.. hahaha.. eric came 2 the office around 10am 2day.. well i guess he know i wont b there so early la.. :P then he ma tell me change here n there.. luckily i din really start drawing.. gotta change abit of the layout.. then after tat only i pia those drawings lo.. draw liao 9 pieces of the perspective drawings le.. geng hor? 1st time in so so so long time.. b4 lunch only draw liao 2 pieces.. the foyer n dry kitchen.. tat kitchen really took a long time to finish.. then after lunch draw liao so many pieces.. hate to draw the water feature la.. esp the pergola... take such a long time 2 draw.. the eric say 2day i draw very fast somemore.. of coz la.. i dun wanna work OT ma.. but still, 7 sth only i left the office.. nvm.. 2morrow morning hopefully he wont b there so early.. hahaha... then i can fei the whole morning there.. well, wonder y i still need 2 go there 2morrow??
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Friday, March 03, 2006
... my boss is loaded.. another property in tmn tun.. wah.. geng geng.. then say wanna invest in the link house in BU oso.. wow.. how i wish i m like him.. well.. surely nth wrong for me to dream right? hahaha... according to him, tat condo in tmn tun is really modern.. n of coz, he wants me to produce sth modern... this is how i get another 100 bucks for magazine.. yippie.. goin to shop for magazine 2morrow.. hahaha.. since i will b goin the curve to celebrate peijoo birthday tomorrow.. oops.. havent wish her 2day.. it's today actually.. nvm.. 2morrow only i send my wishes 2 her.. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! u'll receive sth from tat kevin oso.. it's a pig oso with pig wrapping 2.. hahaha.. shh.. ok.. i know i should keep quiet about this.. but then nvm la.. she wont read my blog..

finally the new clerk is here. now got ppl teman me to eat lunch liao.. hehe.. we went to shop for stationary and food at the nearby shop last week. since he is paying of coz buy wat we want lo.. still got some balance for the food.. tat means can continue shopping.. hahaha.. (cham.. if by any chance he read this blog then i'll b dead!!) ok.. mayb i shouldnt mention his name or watever..

dunno wat happen to my phone 2day.. digi service down eh? hmm.. cant call out whole afternoon till evening.. till i end up goin giant for the public phone.. coz wanna call yan ma.. suppose to play badminton de.. but end up in gym n the jacuzzi.. haha.. coz the court got 2 many ppl liao.. 2 court only.. wat 2 do..we only soak our legs in the jacuzzi.. next time only soak ourselves in it.. coz hmm... no swimsuit.. hehe.. din bring tat along.. dun wan to go for badminton there liao.. everytime oso full de.. the last time we play badminton at the tennis court.. but today cant do tat coz it's raining.. mayb go for tennis, swimming or jacuzzi next time.. dun like gym..

yeah.. he approve my hols.. next week i got 3 days off!! haha... of coz he ask y la.. i really honest oo.. tell him i m goin for my family trip.. haha.. will b goin 2 lang tengah island.. hehe.. wondering if i can take any more hols later?? will he approve if i say i m goin for some other trip?? hmm....
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