Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Happy "WOW WOW" year!
WIsh evEryone of yOu
remember an angpow for me k.. :P

well, cny is the same for me every year.
will go back to popo place @ ayer tawar, perak on the eve
spend the 1st day of cny there
the 2nd day will b at my grandma place in seremban
then back home

@Ayer Tawar, Perak
not high enough eh?

cny dinner @ pizza hut


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Friday, January 27, 2006
the photo is ready (except the studio pic)
wow! peijoo go to photoprime to get her pic 2day. she changed her package to RM269. now i m wondering whether i should also change my package. compare to the RM80 package, the RM239 package includes more pics from different angle, while the RM80 only including 3 pieces of different size photo of the same pose.. hmm... now now.. the decision is hard to make.. guess i must c the photo 1st b4 i make any decision. oh.. the RM269 is just like the RM239 package except that it got another bigger version group photo which is much more nicer than the smaller one.. forget about the cd which is not important at all.. at 1st i thought it was the digital version of the picture but guess i was wrong. the cd contain the video when we receive our cert from tat fellow. (not the whole graduation, only the part where we receive our cert. fei right?)

now i know y those ppl keep on snapping our photos.. so that they can earn much much more money. peijoo say there is 9 album for u 2 choose. and if u wanna develop the pic, each 4R pic cost RM4!!! they really earn 10 times man!! normally if u print 1 pic is around 40sen n now it cost RM4! it's really a daylight robbery. but guess when u c those nice pic u also cant resist the temptation to buy it.. oh my god! hopefully i can control myself when i go there.. haha.. will go there after cny n plan 2 go with others so tat we can buy few each n share share.. haha.. if not surely broke coz 2 many liao. tat fellow is like our cameraman.. keep helping us to snap pic..

went to peijoo place just now. peifu myself.. can find her place. gotta turn here n there.. really too many turning. at 1st wanna meet with ah yan, but she wont b tat early so we decided not to wait for her. but still, we end up chatting near the car till 11sth.. haha.. the 3 of us really can chat hor.. haha..

well, here r some pic from yan.

yan, peijoo, shirli, me, wilma

a pic with the 'guai lou', a professor from dunno which uni with the red hood
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Singapore Tour PHOTOS
wow.. flood my blog with photos recently..
addicted to blogging pic.. haha:)
now, the photos from my trip to s'pore.. ")
din really take much pics there.. hmm..

exploring our way to s'pore in our room (look so pro.. :P)

this old primary sch may b my next sch..

map of lasalle

faculty of performing arts @ lasalle

jy & me @ bus stop

the site for the new lasalle campus

NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Art)

decoration in esplanade

taking pic in the rain with the merlion@s'pore river

look at us.. we r promoting changi airport..

wow.. we r at changi airport

me & waili @ bugis junction

S'pore national library (nice oo)

on the way back (in the train)
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MOrE piCs from JY
suppose to get all these pic on sun during our dinner, but although i tell her liao 'N' times.. but she still forget to bring that day. just get this from her 2day in coll. we had our buffet dinner @ pyramid tower hotel atrium cafe. we still carry on with the plan even though last minute a lot cant turn up. well, the place n ambience is nice. but the food, hmm.. ok la.. not tat many choices.. winnie is oso there, having dinner with her family n of coz, bf.. we ate n chit chat till 10.30. haha..Went back to coll to return the gown today. still need to go tomorrow to get the certified cert!! tat fellow really waste my time today. wait more than 1 hour for him to certified the cert and confirm with him that 1 hour is enough but still end up like this... *()#& ^&!@ cant there b more efficient??

we were 'force' to go on stage for our grad song

getting ready for the group pic..

so many of us.. guess which is me? (actually i also dun really c my face in there)

waili, me & jy
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Saturday, January 21, 2006
graduation photos from lam @ hall of fame

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Happy Graduation!
Congratulation to all limkokwing graduates! Happy graduation!!

today is my graduation day. went to coll around 12 and after registering n taking the robes, we went to the photo studio to take photos. just for the fun of it. since it is free and we can get the sample.. if we are satisfy with it only we develop and pay, of course. today we really like stars, those cameraman keep shooting our photos. wonder how to get it from them.. hmm.. compare to other really formal graduation, ours is consider as fun and relaxing convo. we sit in the front row and we really enjoy ourselves there. all those lecturers are more excited than us, they r real energetic.. hahaha.. we will be having our nite out 2morrow. soree fabesa ppl, we wont b goin for the nite, we will hav nite for ourselves, i mean our classmates. hope that u all also hav a successful nite without us.. though it wont b tat much fun.. hehe.. :P here are some of the photos. mostly with my family. will post more after i get other pic from my friends.

me& my bear for my graduation, peijoo, wilma & in front, my sis

mylunch+dinner.. finally can eat liao..

concentrate on eating.. damn hungry

6 members in this happy family

me & jy

family pic

yan & me

me & dad

ling, my dear bear, me, dad, boy & mum

chia, ling, me & mum

me & mum

ling, me, boy, mum & chia

me & chia

me & dad

me & boy

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