Saturday, April 28, 2007
Feel fresher n reenergised after a gd night sleep. glad tat it's finally over. although the final is over but still got the dpj to work with.. n next wed they'll debrief us, talk to us bout the degree show n c who will b the unlucky one who will kena sampling.. so.. in the end.. still dunno when i can go back.. i miss home! miss the sofa, miss the tv, miss my bed (finally got my own room o :P), miss shopping, miss the food, miss all the things back in m'sia. n ah boy, oso miss quarrelling with u... haha :P

the presentation went smoothly. mostly is guiding them through the journey in the interior... n later answer those questions tat they hav.. at 1st quite worry.. coz the thing is more or less the same like in jury 2.. except tat got color n 3d.. the model n the 3d oso look alike.. dunno they realise it or not.. haha.. coz they din ask me tat.. anyway, it's over n i dun wanna talk about it. haha.. just really glad tat it's over!

n for today.. rest in the room.. hoho.. tired.. past few days have been bz.. last minute doin the material board, then gotta organize the lecture theatre for presentation, clean up, move those frames from the 3rd to 1st floor, set up the board... damn exhausted! stayed in sch till midnight for tat day n luckily still able to wake up in the next morning.. the weather is too good to sleep nowadays.. haha..

our class really got alot of 'god' in different field.. alot of really nice n brilliant work.. ya.. we all work hard for the final.. n they really do work HARD.. n oso very pia.. really peifu them.. glad to b a part of this class with all those very entertaining person around..

thx for ur consultation.. n oso thx for teaching us not to get cheated.. with u cheating us so much we learnt not to believe u most of the time.. haha..

never know tat when ppl din sleep can b this 'high', yeah.. he can do tat without getting drunk..

thx for ur consultation too.. although till now i still cant understand how u did the material board without thinking..

the acrylic king... his model damn nice..

sometimes talk to u really will kek si.. this fellow never fail to remind me to sleep.. -_-"

walao.. ur model really really cute.. she do things slowly but her end product is damn nice!

really one of the goddess in the legend.. never fail to finish her work on the time!

for the others, glad to know u all n u all oso u guys strive in ur own way 2! glad to know all of u although i've been with u guys for less than a year.. u guys rock!

for frens in m'sia, gd luck for those of u tat r having ur final.. will b back soon to meet up with u guys! ganbatte!

midnight in lecture theatre with the extremely costly presentation board
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  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger - iNgChiA - said…

    glad to hear that ur jury has ended in some way. somehow, it's just a beginning, to step into a new phase of life. there're lots of uncertainties and challenges out there waiting for you to concur. work smart, play smart. ganbatte! :)

  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yes u should sleep well dun need to work so hard class 1 liao...remember sleep early

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