Wednesday, November 30, 2005
check this out!
Call2SIP is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service that offers phone service over a Broadband Internet Connection. really can save alot if everyone got this! then can call n talk non stop liao. cheaper than telekom, really, since it is free if call 2 call2sip user.. then if other rate is like 10 sen to overseas and nationwide call, 20 sen for mobile. quite worth it lo.. tat thing onli cost rm299 during the coming pc fair in kl convention centre.. normal price rm399.. save rm100!

okok.. sound like i already start promoting this even b4 the pc fair... haha.. actually it's really gd la.. can save on phone bill ma.. haha.. quite attracted to this liao.. hmm..
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
genting pic from felix

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Monday, November 28, 2005

zathura is hmm.. like jumanji lo.. talking fei hua again.. i guess all also know already right? hehe.. the only difference is jumanji is more in jungle n this one.. zathura is in space.. watch liao this show today at 1u TGV.. haha.. wanna go GSC de.. but then GSC show start later ma.. so ma watch at TGV lo.. the show overall quite nice la...
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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Genting Trip
Genting is cold, real cold.. mayb bcoz of the weather.. raining.. it's not the 1st time i play under the rain in genting la.. haha.. last year around this time i went there oso the same.. hmm.. y always oso rain de ar? till onli play few things.. aiseh.. play liao tat spinning chair till all wet le.. so cold after tat.. not much thing 2 play coz of the rain.. onli sit liao the spinning chair twice, then the bumper boat (quite sien la.. twist the thing till my hand oso ache), then the solero shot lo.. wow.. 3 times in a row le.. geng hor? haha..

then at nite.. hmm.. real funny.. laugh till.. u know calvin lo.. wanna make us all drunk onli he suang.. haha.. but ar.. still din drunk la.. lejean, calvin, sookling really kept us entertain whole night la.. till cannot sleep tim.. sookling lo.. dun wanna sleep.. so bz finding this n tat.. she really can drink.. but when drunk.. hmm hmm..

learn alot about my coursemate during tat trip.. hahaha.. sharon say we bully shirley wo.. not me ar.. i m innocent.. yan, jy they play in their drama de.. dun take it seriously la.. we always oso fei de ma.. not the 1st time.. esp with yan around.. :P

ria apartment

play while raining..

play till all wet..

here we go..

solero shot. cant really c..

p/s: these pics are taken by jy.. thx 2 her.. it's the 1st time i go for trip din take pic although i bring the camera along.. wahaha.. more pics coming up..
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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
went to midvalley today.. goin genting tomorrow..
went to midvalley today.. at 1st say meet up at 1.30 de.. but then all also late.. haha.. stuck in the traffic in front of midvalley.. jam jam.. at least jam there for half n hour ooo.. then finding parkin oso take very long.. how come so many ppl de? thought 2day is weekday shouldnt b this jam de ma.. aiyo.. great mind think alike kua.. wahhaha..

went to homedec at MVEC. hmm.. nth much there la.. the most interesting there is the interiorCAD.. haha.. tat guy spend time explaining to us.. wah.. if got that software real gd.. really easy to use n fast man!! but ar.. too expensive la.. aiseh.. tat fellow ar. not interior designer.. he simply apply this n tat also can get such effect.. geng geng.. i mean the software geng.. haha.. the mapping oso real easy oo.. just drag the material can liao.. no wonder last time kelvin giv us those material la..

meet up with siew ngok around 6pm. din c her for almost 1 year liao.. haha.. she is my primary sch classmate la.. the last time we met is at the gathering in citysquare, jb.. din change much la.. we ate at kimgary.. hmm.. i think i go midvalley eat n drink onli.. haha.. b4 this teman waili, yan n shirley eat at shokudo.. coz i still full ma.. just ate lunch b4 i come.. then ma drink lo.. then when at kimgary drink n eat tat toast lo.. haha.. tat's my dinner liao..

will b goin 2 genting tomorrow.. graduation trip.. haha.. i think so la.. hmm.. it is.. coz after tat all also will balik kg.. i know lam n peijoo not goin onli.. other dunno.. 2morrow go ma know lo.. waili, yan, shirley will b coming over at 9.. so so so early.. then later sharon will fetch us after fetching seng how lo.. then will go bkt jalil.. will stay at ria apartment for 1 nite.. hmm.. last year also around this time i went to genting..

okok.. hope we will hav a great time 2morrow..
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Monday, November 21, 2005
Oops.. did i mention that i already pre celebrate even before the final finish?
went to pyramid with waili, shirley n yan yesterday n we shop n watch harry potter there..
shirley grab liao 1 jeans.. then i wanna buy birthday present for u de, chui han.. but really dunno what to buy la.. then after watch harry potter then need 2 get back liao.. since need to go n find you for dinner ma.. haha.. not bad ar.. still can find your place.. hm.. but really felt like being spy that time la.. when you can c me n i cant c u that time.. haha.. really din c you both for quite sometime liao.. chia huan.. sorry ar.. i just wanna confirm the tel no with u de.. although i know it's u.. just to confirm ma.. haha.. hope u enjoy the dinner la.. hehe.. coz tat's ur birthday present liao.. hahaha.. actually i think my birthday present for you very good liao la.. purposely go n find you le.. good bo? hahaha.. hmm..

at 1st today plan for 2nd celebration de.. but i think all oso tire liao kua, right? no la.. actually i think all also very semangat. but since wilma say some cant make it for the dinner tonite so mai postpone lo.. still need to go to coll n paste the board on mounting board 2morrow. oso to pass up the cd..
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YEAH! my final presentation is OVER!!!
finally.. finally.. my final presentation is over.. YEAH!! so happy.. haha..

well, there are 3 judges to crit me 2day.. n.. hmm.. the chinese more sui la.. the malays still ok.. keep on emphasize on the concept onli.. guess from the beginning till end oso say the kena my concept only.. other not much.. hmm.. overall still ok la.. coz they are not tat sarcastic.. hahaha..

i m the 3rd one to present.. over liao then go wing coffee with waili n hav a drink lo.. tat's my lunch i guess.. haha.. tat's our 'high' time ma.. haha. really felt good after the presentation.. finally can hav my hols liao.. n graduate liao wo.. hahaha.. actually diploma graduate liao only la.... if din fail any subject la.. hahaha..

me with my presentation boards

jingyi, wilma, me, waili with this lego table designed by waili

sitting on sharon's sofa.. real comfortable to sleep.. haha..
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Saturday, November 19, 2005
the board is up!
finally, can relax abit liao.. coz pin up the board liao ma.. haha..
presentation is on monday..
this morning, the lorry reach liao i oso havent reach sch.. bad hor? not my fault la.. u know lo..
soree ar.. but waili there liao.. luckily.. hehe.. so call her n ask her to call them..
n tat time.. aron call from london wo.. tat's wat he said la.. but now really doubt it liao..
thx for helping us to carry up the furniture.. thx a lot..

yeah.. will go shopping tomorrow.. long time din go shopping liao..

ouch!! finger ache la.. all bcoz of the pin up..
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
went to see my furniture in balakong today.. yeah!! finally gaodim liao.. giv him RM800 cash.. geng bo? okok.. not i pay.. this table is sponsor by my dad.. hmm.. the carpenter real pro oo.. haha.. must use it if can take back.. if not ar.. hmm...

know wat? we actually yam cha with tat guy b4.. onli tat we dun know it's him who do.. waili say ah hong ah hong ma.. dunno who.. haha.. now onli we know.. he quite gd la.. talk 2 us somemore.. i guess guy thinking is really about work work n work hor? ask us where 2 work after graduate.. say can introduce 1 company oso.. then tat eric ask waili to go back n work for him fulltime during hols.. wahhaa.. real cham la u.. although pay is gd.. hmm.. but ar.. will b real sien there.. tat's for sure.. u know lo.. no ppl there de except u.. cant on9.. if no work will fa dai there whole day..

here some pic of my furniture..

oh ya! before i forget.. today is my dad birthday..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!.. oops.. i guess pass 12 liao.. it's over..

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new blog?
hmm.. actually i got this blog long long time ago but din really use it onli..
perhaps, it's time for me to learn to use this n change a new blog..
y? just for the fun of it.. hehe.. no reason..
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