Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Change for good?
weird weird sem i got this sem.. at 1st will b doin refugee camp, then later change it to refugee relief centre as refugee camp is more bound to the rules.. then now.. community estate.. faint right? jury 1 is on next fri and now... every week change change change... hopefully now the community estate will go well... n pls pls no changes anymore.. dunno how i m suppose to come out with the details later on.. need to deal with those high tech stuff.. hmm... just pray this sem go well and can grad.. tat's all.

ok.. here's the detail of my project. i will b producing a community estate using containers. still got no idea how 2 arrange it but need to come out with sth FAST! will b producing a compact living container.. custom made one.. then.. erm... still need to think further... basically tat's about it. ai.. gotta rewrite my project brief again... 3rd time writing (-.-)"
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Saturday, January 20, 2007
being idle
I haven't been blogging for quite sometimes. I know, i m just being lazy. Holiday ended two weeks ago and I have started on my project. For this sem, i will be doing a refugee camp using container. My site is at dataran bandaraya jb. That's why i went there today for a site visit. Of course, we also went to shop @ city square. Well, coz we dun hav car in jb, we wont go far.. city square is at the most ideal location.. That's why we will go there mostly. hehe.. dunno how 2 take bus in jb liao.. long long time din take bus there.. if only there is a car there instead of walking all the time.. leg still feels tire after walking for so many days.

Since school started, we went to quite a lot of places coz we need to find a site.. When i came back to S'pore, went to West Coast Park straightaway for kelly's farewell. Then those following days we went to Far East Square, Choa Chu Kang, Fort Canning, Marina South, Harbourfront, Vivocity...... I even visited 2 Christian columbarium.. It's my first time visiting this kind of place le... n cemetery also.. Surely you will wonder why i go to this place. even during ching ming in M'sia, i also din go to these places.. Well, waili is going to design a columbarium for her project.. n tat's y lo.. really quite nervous when we go for the 1st time.. 2nd time is much more better.

Not in the mood of doing anything tonight.. that's how i end up blogging.
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Friday, January 05, 2007
Fireworks @ Sunway
Gee.. although i know new year is already over.. n i din blog for quite some times... anyway, happy 2007 to all and hope it's still not too late to wish now.. hehe.. Gotta go back 2 S'pore 2morrow since new sem starting on mon liao.. sob sob... so fast hols end liao.. n i din do any work.. i know everyone knows that.. haha.. still, enjoy the fireworks although i think the fireworks display is NOt-ThAT-InTerESting.... haha... :P i did have an extremely 'exciting' new year though...
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