Saturday, March 24, 2007
bz friday, satisfying saturday
suppose to hav NO class on Friday.. Jenny wanted to treat us lunch since she has been saying that she wanted to cook for us since.. hmm.. after jury 1. n so.. we dcide to make it on fri..

on thurs night, received a weird msg from Richard saying tat gotta meet up in sch for discussion and ask us not 2 ask why... weird right.. purposely put there dun ask why make us more curious to know why only... n so.. bcoz of tat.. our lunch bcome... after the discussion.. so depend on wat time the discussion end... n we will hav it after tat...

n on fri morning... dad asked me if i wanted to go jb.. coz he said he will not hav time to come sg... n so, after they woke up i ask jy n waili whether they wanna go.. jy is very excited with it.. after waili came back from her morning chores, we asked her also.. n since both of them is ok with it, we then pack our stuff n will stay in jb for the night.

with our clothes n other stuff, we went straight to sch for discussion. actually already got some rough idea on wat is it since charlton had told waili during their chat. n then, the discussion started... n there come the knocking from the doors... they r real scare tat suhan will come in n c wat we r doin... the 1st knock is from jay n another fellow tat came here to c the sch, then the 2nd knock is really from suhan.. this is the real funny time.. when suhan ask wheter we all having a meeting, dunno who answer no somemore.. real fake le.. then suzana pretend tat we r goin for a visit to the material shop n purposely said it loudly so tat she can hear.. haha.. there is also a 3rd knock from sarah n another gal from level 2... those knock really frightened them.. coz the purpose of the discussion is.. they r not satisfy with the degree show tat they will hav in sch in may or june... richard n charlton found a paper on suhan's table the day b4 n r really furious with it.. n so they dcide to held a meeting to discuss about tat. they said previous year, those degree student either held the show outside or at least the sch will spend some $ on the show. the degree show is actually a show to let the outside or employer to see our works n so they may employ u after seeing ur works.. well, this is really 1st time i hear got this kind of things lo.. got gd n bad... gd is if they like ur works they will employ u.. bad is, how many employer will actually purposely come to c the show n employ u? n we gotta put in extra effort to 'redo' the board if require.. as if printing is free... if i m tat rich, i oso wont spend so much to keep on printing the same things.. ok.. enough bout this... c how it goes 1st..

then after the discussion, we went to bishan. jenny then cook for us to eat while i m looking on some of the brochure she got from MATTA fair.. coz we wanted to go for some trip.. but then with our budget, i guess we can only travel within m'sia or the most to south east asia... her cooking skill not bad oo... long time din eat home cooked food liao.. we enjoy her cooking while watching tv.. miss tv oso...

n around 5 we left to jb via queen street.. waited for jy to reach n then we go together.. n guess wat... we gotta join the extremely long queue.. luckily still moving.. but we also spend quite a while there... after we reach the immigration, there is also a big crowd... no choice but to wait... told dad tat i will reach at evening but end up reaching at night around 9pm... ai...

dad fetch us from city square n later went to his office. dun really hav time to shop tat night liao since it's late n the shop is about to close.. we waited there n later join in to listen the talk. n after tat, only we left. went to the hotel n then only hav our dinner. we hav a late lunch, so we r not extremely hungry.. hav our dinner at the shop bside zon there... eat satay, pork, fish, vege... really alot of yummy food to eat... no need to eat chicken rice, mix rice at the foodcourt for the day. after our dinner or supper perhaps, dad fetch us back n then he joined them for their happy hour...

oo.. i've oso booked the flight to medan while i m in dad's office. yeah.. can join them for trip liao.. dun wanna care so much about the degree show.. since till now they oso still din giv us a date... yeah.. can go for trip on may 26-28! mom dun wann choi me tat time when i call her oso.. sobsob... she is watching tv tat time.. dunno addicted to wat series now.. haha

today, we ate dim sum for breakfast.. finally i ate dim sum. last time went back din manage to eat... n now finally finally ate liao.. finally satisfy my taste bud. dad drop us at tebrau city after tat n they went straight back while we enjoy our shopping. tebrau city may consider big in jb but not so big if compare to kl. cant spend a long time in there.. i only managed to buy a shirt. din bought any grocery since mom already packed some for me.

play for almost a week n gotta start working starting on mon. argh!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007
still got the pic of the animals.. line extremely cha.. dunno when only can upload... it really takes ages.. so wait ya..
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Night Safari
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Singapore Zoo
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Sunday, March 18, 2007
Zoo & Safari Visit
Went to the zoo & night safari yesterday. $38 entry for zoo n night safari plus the tram ride at night safari.. compare 2 zoo in m'sia, it is really really expensive (although i din go to the zoo in m'sia for years. the last time i go is erm.. dunno standard wat.. or mayb kindergarden?) i went to s'pore zoo once with family many years ago. i think during form 1 which is year 1998. wow.. really long time ago... though dun really remember how it looks like exactly so many years ago, but the feel is about the same.. Compare to M'sia zoo, it is really much much better. Even the birdpark in sg oso.. the kl birdpark is really not recommended although it is said to b the largest birdpark.. so wat being the largest but not the nicest? In the younger days, i really look forward to the trip. now dun feel so excited liao.. mayb bcoz i went there b4.. i look forward to the trip to the night safari.. hehe.. coz i din go b4..

we went ang mo kio n later took a bus there. after buying the ticket, we went for our lunch at KFC. Yesterday we r a KFC supporter, lunch and dinner oso @ KFC. It's finger licking good.. haha.. free advertising for KFC. Well, why zoo always also related with KFC ar?

since it is after jury, the trip is like a celebration or a reward for completing the 2nd jury.. an encouragement to move ahead.. haha.. there is still jury 3 to go, but for now... relax 1st.. after lunch, we went in n visit all the animals there... white tiger, polar bear, camel, ostrich, snake, monkey, elephant, zebra, giraffe..... we also manage to watch almost the end of the elephant show n later the animal friends show. walk walk n keep walking, shooting photos, saying hi to the animals, tat's wat we do for the whole day..

the night safari is much more adventurous. In the middle of the night, goin in the forest on the tram. It's really dark and spooky.. a nice experience. is different goin at day time n night time.. the feel is totally different. yesterday the tram or to be clear, the safari is full with ppl. really crowded. no special occassion but alot of ppl. perhaps singapore ppl really dun hav many places to go, do they? a bit disappointed with the suspension bridge... it is 2 stable.. even if u keep jumping on top like a crazy fellow it oso wont drop i guess.. tat's is wat make it less interesting... n tat's y i m disappointed.. haha.. too used to the much more adventurous canopy walk that we had b4... tat is how a canopy walk should b...

lastly is the animal show that they hav during the night. suppose to hav 3 show a day at 8,9 n 10 oclock but due to the overwhelming crowd, they add in another show.. we watch the one at 11pm.. gotta queue up, wait and wait till 11pm. the show is quite interesting.. after show, we took bus to choa chu kang n then mrt to jurong east... n guess wat.. tat is the last train.. n we were stuck there... end up taking a cab back.. tat's how life is without car.. miss the car at home... the transport here is either walking, bus, mrt or cab... no car to use..

update the photo when i manage to.. not tat i dun wanna update.. the line is extremely lousy
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Friday, March 16, 2007
jury 2 over!
jury 2 finally over. glad, happy, relieve... finally can hav a break. erm.. a short break.. n then there is still dissertation to hand up on mon b4 5pm. ya.. then can hav a real short break b4 goin back 2 action to prepare for the final jury. quite surprise tat the jury goes pretty well today. he din mention my interior but then just ask me to produce 4 model to show the different kind of interior on the final jury. sob sob.. gotta do model again again n again for the final... n then is interior!! gotta make the sofa, bed, wardrobe, bookshelves... ai... cham liao la.. k.. leave it for later.. for today.. relax.. :)
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Friday, March 09, 2007
it will be better
jury 2 is on next fri. how i wish tat this is the last jury n after tat can relax.. but the truth is is not, n i cant change the fact.. ai.. still, end of april is jury 3.. need to suffer another 1 month plus.. fast? hmm.. well, when suffering i think it is not fast at all lo... just pray tat i will go through it smoothly n hav strength to carry on till end of the sem. really exhausted now.. tire physically n oso mentally.. ok guys, wish me luck!
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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Happy Flying
Sis will b flying off today. Well, cant send her off as i m in sg. but still wish u all the best n gao dim ur enrolment faster. n remember my meal wo.. haha :P C u end of the year when i visit nz k.. hehe..
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