Monday, December 18, 2006
testing testing.. since got such good tool so i test n c if it is working.. anyway, this is a short clips of the simon carbaret show tat we watch in phuket.. tat is wat we call it ah kua show here... hehe..
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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Patong Beach, here we come..

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Patong Beach is a famous beach in Phuket. It is too commercialize. Everything there is main for TOURIST and is about $ $ and $. All those chair there is main for those ang mo to sun bath under the super duper hot sun. whoever like us wanna sit under such hot sun wo? i hav enough of walking under the hot sun... no need to sun bath anymore.. Then the bag, shirt and all those souvenir also not cheap at all lo.. surely u can get a better price in petaling street than there lo..
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@ LCC Terminal

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really LCC
Cost n low

really different from klia and further oso... n must walk in 'open air' for a distance to reach the plane de.. if raining most probably air asia will provide the umbrella i guess.. tat's wat i saw la.. i saw a worker carrying umbrella when we get back
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Food @ Patong Beach
Dedicated to Da Jie,

Your long awaited photos.. starting with the introduction of the food we ate k? haha :P

Our very first meal at Phuket after checking in at the hotel... we had a really late lunch.. super duper hungry... then walk walk n walk.. yet still cant find a suitable place.. n later end up in this shop.. disappointed with the food

the so called noodles there... (noodles there means kuey teow..) but then weird thing is the portion real small n most of the thing u c is vege right? only got a really small portion of "noodle"... yet it is expensive ooo... cost bout rm6 here.. not really tasty oso..

mom order this coffee.. oso not nice de la.. then come with the wafer.

boy order de soda water...

Our dinner. some of the local dishes at the stall there. i ate this noodle
the ulam come with the noodles

then boy ate this pork leg rice...
this one taste a lot more better then the previous meal we ate..

And we go to McD and eat on the 2nd day oo... coz i wanna try out the pork burger... haha.. look at the price.. it's much more expensive then here lo.. but the price is for large set de.. then if add on 12 baht then will b extra large de.. n so i order the set no 1 with the pork burger.. hehe.. n we order extra large set oo..

yummy pork burger
Extra large friesExtra large coke
That's all the picture of the food i took la.. how? got yearning for food ma? hehe.. :P
actually now i m extremely full lo.. just now went to wedding dinner with mom at the bkt jalil golf club.. cannot sleep.. so i post this food post for u lo.
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