Thursday, February 22, 2007
Happy Chinese New Year
Gong xi gong xi! It's chinese new year again and glad to be home although it's a short hols and when go back gotta suffer the consequences.. but still.. it's cny.. wat do u expect :P (ok.. my excuse of being lz.. hehe)

Cny is about the same.. only that this year, i need to travel back from sg to usj.. i took ktm back which took bout 7 hours to reach central.. a long and bored journey.. then later, reach home n rest for the night... n the next day went to watch ghost rider.. yep.. come back must watch movie.. sg de cinema so expensive.. watch 1 movie there = watch 4 movie here.. (student price ma :P) after tat, gotta pack things again n another journey back to ayer tawar.. took us 4-5 hours i guess.. quite jam during tat hour mayb coz it after working hour. we ate bak kut teh at klang n later took the coastal highway back.. bak kut teh here really much more delicious then the so called 'bak kut teh' in sg.

Every 初二 there will b a family gathering at grandma place with lots of relatives which after so many years i still cant really recognize who is who.. hehe.. the next day, we pay a visit to melaka.. grandma's sis at the old folk home n mom de cousin. after tat only came back home...

aiyo.. till now still din go shopping here yet.. n just now only we went dong chan si for a visit.. a nice place to go.. we went morning coz normally really packed in the evening coz everyone wanna c the lighting.. it will b much more beautiful at night. but still, nvm.. last year i went twice there liao.. 1 time with frens n another with family.. hehe..

ai.. forget to bring my camera charger back.. sobsob.. so blur me.. coz i know there is another cable for the charger.. but forget tat there is only 1 charger.. hehe. so now cant take photo till i charge the batt..

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
WAR scene
this is how our room look like b4 jury

n my corner...

really look like we r preparing for a war
real messy
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