Thursday, November 23, 2006
christmas decoration @ Orchard

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birth of a new skin
finally change my blog skin.. like this skin much much better. *wink
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Monday, November 20, 2006
family gathering @ 2jiu's place
update u with our family gathering k.. haha.. :P din take photo of the food.. but u know lo.. got alot of things 2 eat.. hehe.. only got these pictures coz they r playing with my phone...

this boy keep on sleeping sleeping n sleeping..
2 monkeys eating bananas
acting cute
little monster
super naughty fellow
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Saturday, November 18, 2006
HOme sWeEt hOmE
Hohoho.. finally i m back home. just had my dinner.. yummy porridge steamboat.. hehe.. sleep most of the time in bus but yet still feeling real tire. should b the sleepless previous night... NOISy night.. ai... wake up super duper early to golden mile. then cross 2nd link.. really peifu those who cross tat so often..
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
mobile pasar malam
it has been quite a while since i last been to a pasar malam. this is my 1st pasar malam visit in singapore. singapore pasar malam is different from what we have in malaysia. in my area, we have it twice a week which is on sun and tues night. but here, the pasar malam do not have a fix day.. it will move from one area to another.. so they will b in 1 area for 1 to 2 weeks then move to another area thereafter. tat's y i call it the mobile pasar malam.. haha.. still, the pasar malam here not that interesting compare to what we have in malaysia. not much ppl, not crowded at all, dun hav the pasar malam feel at all, not much of choices, not much stuffs... ai.. singapore really a boring country ar... we purposely go to bishan for the pasar malam and after we bought our dinner, we went to Jenny's place to eat while watching tv.. wow.. really long time din watch tv liao..

2morrow still need to go to coll to pass up the self assessment form... and gotta carry back my stuff to the hostel le... then ar.. still dunno when will be going home ar.. should b having a farewell for kelly but till now still dunno when it will be held.. yesterday we already farewell jac at east coast park. hmm.. forget wat tat place name is.. is the 2nd time drinking with them.. all these lecturers really a bad influence to us.. teaching us bad stuff only.. :X and i really hate beer.. wonder why they can drink beer like drinking water... the taste really bad la.. i still prefer the tequila we had last time although it's tasteless according to them... but at least it is not beer.. luckily got suzana who help me to drink up almost half a glass of it.. luckily got a friend who love to drink sitting beside me.. haha.. and before we left, jac bought each of us a cup of drink and call it a day after the drink. tat one taste a lot better. oo.. and my stomach is really full of water... din order any main course as we just had lunch at 4pm and i am really still very full during that time.. so we order dessert instead, brownie with ice cream.. and that's my dinner liao..

haha.. my diary terbalik de.. starting from the latest till the previous event.. hehe.. sunday we went joo chiat to savour some food oso.. conclusion-- never ever believe wat singaporean said is tasty.. we ate the wan tan mee there and really not nice la.. is like the kolo mee in kuching then adding chili.. but the kolo mee there also taste much much much better.. before the kolo mee, we bought some dumpling. 1st time eating so many 'species' of dumpling in 1 meal le.. 3 of us + 4 dumplings + 1 kolo mee + a drink for each of us = extremely full stomach.. then later on, when we wanna explore joo chiat further, it started to rain... after waiting for quite some times, we decided to take a cab back to the hostel since the rain become much much more heavier...

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Saturday, November 11, 2006
steamboat @ Marina Bay
went to marina bay for steamboat n bbq just now. a after jury celebration. the marina bay really different from wat i imagine.. thought tat it is suppose to b a nice and classy area.. hmmm.. mayb i c too much of the future plan of marina bay... hmm.. but just now, only realise the marina bay is really totally different...

we take mrt to marina bay.. then, when we walked to the bus stop.. we were like being kidnap.. haha.. dun worry.. not really real kidnapping.. but cant help feeling like really being kidnap.. coz there are van waiting there to bring us to the place for steamboat and bbq.. the steamboat and bbq is like the telepon restaurant in m'sia and cost $12 per person.. the place is full of this kind of bbq plus steamboat shop and with bowling alley along the way.. (dunno y singapore always the whole area with the same thing de... weird) then tat area is like really isolated.. not many cars on the road.. then only got the no 400 bus. anyway, thx justin who brought us there and also for the treat.. although singapore food to me is still cannot compare to malaysia's food.. haha.. price wise, taste wise also.. it just taste normal.. :P

been really lazy this few days.. although already wake up but still lazying on the bed till around 11sth.. then only unwillingly leave the bed.. haha.. really cant wait for kelly to announce the resubmission, sample... and also of coz need to farewell kelly and jac.. since they will b leaving lasalle. no idea who will b our lecturer on the next sem.. hmm.. they are both a great lecturer.. dunno y good one always leave but not the bad one....
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
1st sem done!
finally jury 3 is over. glad that it's over. cant wait to go back n have a good sleep... wanna sleep whole day if possible.. jury 3 oso marks the end of this sem... means 1 more sem to go b4 graduate..

the presentation today is different from the previous jury. we just need to pin up our boards and works and they'll ask us question.. i like this kind of presentation.. it's really a lot better... got question ask then i answer... this final jury is the best of all jury so far. only kelly and suhan giving advice and asking question. alex is not here due to minor surgery. I am the 4th one to present. hmm.. the presentation is really clinic style la.. call us in 1 by 1.. then tat kelly said to JK is his turn to c the doc.. haha.. when it's my turn, i just went in then find it real weird since no one is talking, and they din even ask a question but just look at the board... like trying to find fault in it.. hmm.... later only start questioning and giving advice.. 1st time c suhan so erm.. different i guess.. overall the presentation is ok.. only the proportion for the flag n poles need to be improved, and the sofa inside oso... hopefully wont need 2 upgrade or resubmit and wont b asked to do the sample so that i can go home earlier...

dunno y my mood today arent good at all.. mayb due to some particular reason.. and also bcoz is really tiring these few days.. yesterday working on the material board and yet they din even look at it.. if i know earlier i really wont go n do the material board.. wasting time and effort... and the construction drawing oso... talking about the construction drawing, the plotting service here really suxx! we went to marine parade to plot the drawing. i plot a2 and a3... then waili's a1 cant plot there coz their paper is out! stupid one.. c paper almost finish should order already wat.. really dunno how they can still survive with such lousy service and management. their autocad knowledge is also really limited. they only know how to plot but plot oso take them a long time. later, we went to katong shopping complex to plot.. n this time i wanna do binding.. again, really fed up with the attitude and services. so many shops there n yet, 1 shop can bind a3 landscape de but dun hav the transparency.. another only can bind in a4, then another just left 2 pieces of transparency and not willing to sell it to me.. and the last shop i went, tat stupid auntie... dun wanna sell me the transparency.. n end up i bind there... n ask me to fold myself.. at 1st memang wanna fold myself de.. but she asked till like tat really not suang.. the way singaporean do businness really cha! got $ to let them learn but still they treat u with this kind of attitude.. like we owe them! wat kind of businessman is this??

k, back to the presentation today. our class really got a lot "God" in making model. JK n Teng's model are really great.. post some of the pic later.. relax first for now.. monday still need to go to coll..

updated photo
the most expensive board ever.. $120 gone just like this... it's huge!

the model by teng made from acrylic

his 24 storey hdb
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Monday, November 06, 2006
Yeah.. it will be over soon!
Yes, finally i can write my blog.. Jury 3 is on Wednesday and we need to pin up by tomorrow. Just went for printing today. waited for 3 hour plus for the board.. Went loitering around bugis.. always got the feeling that once we walk we gotta walk on the same road for a few times in a day.. ai. dunno should feel happy about it or the other way round.. should visit some other place after jury n not always bugis n still bugis or marine parade.. sien...

The presentation board is extremely HUGE! 6 AO size board.. yup.. i m broke. it's the 1st time i experience the acc with only $1 left... really erm... dunno how to describe... no words can describe it i guess. hmm... and still tomorrow gotta go for plotting... sobsob.. really a poor poor girl now.. luckily should be able to last me till i go back.. of coz will leave enough for the bus ticket.. hehe.. can't wait to go home... wanna sit on the sofa... dun wanna do anything.. rest! looking forward to the trip to phuket. :)

we have been stuck in the room for quite a long time. preparing for this coming war.. din go to sch last whole week. only went there on fri for a while and then went back. compare to the final in limkokwing last time, i think tat i work on this project in a more relax manner and got ample time to finish the work.. maybe because can start on the project earlier. but still, it's not that reasonable to have 3 jury in 1 sem and gotta present the same things for so many times. and spend so much on each jury. we used to only have one final presentation and the other is only pin up crit.. After coming to this sch, i realise tat limkokwing is not tat bad after all.. the stuff we learn is more practical and more useful. in term of 2d drawing, 3d drawing, we are still better even though i never think my drawing is that good. suzana even ask us 2 teach them drawings 2d n 3d and is willing to pay for the lesson.. really wonder wat they learn.. hmm.. they are good in making model. this sch really got a lot potential model maker.. haha.. i oso dun like the bias lecturer here.. really 2 bias..

ok.. now.. a showcase of our model.. tadaa...
my one is the one with gold color roof and with the flag.. then the front left one is by waili, the right one is jy and the back one belong to justin.

oh.. n b4 i end.. happy 19th birthday ling. present ar.. if i can c anything nice then i'll buy u la.. if not go back only we go shopping for ur present k.. hehe.. and remember to store a piece of birthday cake for me ar! i din eat cake for a long time liao!
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