Friday, September 29, 2006
wow.. long long time din write blog
My blog have been resting for quite some times.. 1st is because i m too bz. 2nd, no mood to blog. 3rd, the connection @ our hostel is EXTREMELY LOUSY.. complain liao n yet no action taken! but since now i m at lazying at home.. i'll update my blog.. hehe..

hmm... where 2 start ar??

the jury 2 is over.. YEAH! Happy but not happy.. complicated feeling... there is still a jury 3 to go.. pray hard for me! really hope that i wont fail.. ai! i came back on thurs morning taking konsortium bus from S'pore to KL-Pudu. dun hav class on thurs n fri.. so i think it's a perfect time to come back here for a break.. yeah.. i really need a break after such 'mood' n pressure at S'pore. really hope tat this kind of study life will b over sooner... keep reminding myself tat 1 year will pass real fast.. but still sometimes will keep wondering when will it b over... n will i really get through this year???

this is the idea proposal for gallery hotel. A proposal for the christmas and chinese new year. The flower of this plum tree is actually snow flakes.. nice right? well.. they like our idea. but in the end we din win.. the excuse is.. coz they r worry about the construction.. lame excuse.. really.. hmm.. still, i think our idea is the best.. so must post out... dun wan them 2 steal our idea!!!! it's really not fair! well.. i guess design is like this.. in the end, the hotel sponsor our dinner for our effort.. and i ate steak.. n chicken soup. the soup is yummy.. steak so so only lo... but still, we enjoy ourselves during the meal.. really relaxing but in the end still gotta go back to the REAL world.. haha.. overall, it's a good experience.

thx jk for the presentation board. we owe u once..
weird.. it's suppose to be red.. dunno y it turns out purple in this blog..
Group member: me, waili & jenny - the 3 flower
(we got a new nickname thx to Kelly ><")dinner @ gallery hotel
photoshooting in my class --> our working studio
first time staying till so late in studio..
classmates: upper from left luvena, waili, me jy
lower from left, suzana, jenny n her twin sis
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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Happy Birthday 生日快乐
Happy Birthday to all whose birthday fall on Sept.

Ah Boy
Hmm.. celebrate for u earlier liao.. n u got ur ice cream cake.. so dun ask for too much la..

Ter Yuan
long time din c u liao.. enjoy ur 21st birthday oo.. although cant celebrate for u.. haha.. 2 far away.. wait till i go back only find u la.. although tat time mayb u also went back dy.. hehe..

Wai Yin
hello.. wish u happy 21st birthday. any party ar? thought u all saying must hav party on the 21st birthday. anyway, enjoy!

Enjoy ur 23rd birthday! First birthday in NZ huh.. hehe.. dun play too much ar... study! gambate! hehe... wait till i c u only ask for ur present la.. :P

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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Who has this Blade Runner movie?
Really hard to get this movie.. Hate it.. where can I find it? Went to Esplanade today to find it.. and it's there.. BUT gotta get the research brief in order to get the permission to watch it. what la.. I dun hav brief for that project! really stupid.. Now what?

@ Esplanade roof terrace
View from Esplanade roof terracelooking down
No sign de sign
Since our plan is spoiled... we end up going to Suntec City to visit the World Largest Fountain which is called the Fountain of Wealth. Singapore really lOvE fountain. Most of the shopping complexes have fountain or water.. yeah... Chinese believe in Feng Shui..

Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City
me & the huge fountain
koi garden
bonsai garden
then later, we walked from suntec to nlb.. went there to continue our research on our topic. NLB bcome our 2nd home liao. Around 6, we wanted to take bus to orchard.. but then the bus took so long to come and so, we end up walking to orchard.. singapore is small.. every place is like within walking distance.. the important part is you must be able to walk walk and walk.. so whoever wanted to come here must be able to take on the challenge in walking! haha.. that the lifestyle here.. public transport - bus, mrt or walking. Be prepared!

there is a lion dance competition @ Orchard.. and so we go and have a look.. Orchard road is full of ppl.. so crowded.. we also went to kinokuniya, takashimaya, and borders.. WINDOW SHOPPING! Kinokuniya there is really full of books.. alot of books.. if only i m rich... :P started dreaming already..

p/s: sorry, wont be posting flash photo slide show.. coz i cant seem to upload the flash.. the line here is extremely lousy. complain liao.. but still the same till now! aiseh.. dun blame me if i din reply ur msg.. i may not receive it.. or you may not receive my msg..
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Friday, September 08, 2006
Birth of my new blog
Finally have a new template for this blog. Thx to the stupid template in blogger. Not a pro in this kind of stuff.. so dun aspect too much from me k.. haha..

Went to NLB for research class today. Hmm... I will be doing my research on the spaces in science fiction. Got tonne of books for me to read! and that must be done in the library since all the books are in the reference area. ARGH! Didnt really read much today since waiyin came to find me later. We had lunch at Waterloo Street and later went to Chinatown, then Clarke Quay. Really din c her for quite times.. both of us were bz with our own stuffs.. Glad that we still keep in touch.

bungy jump @ Clarke Quay
clarke quay
what does this looks like to you?
unique table & chairs
me and waiyin @ Clarke Quay
with the guard of river house
the river house
the river
After walking walking and still walking, her legs get tired and so she went back while me and waili continue lepaking at bugis.. since it is still not yet 6pm, (SAM is free of charge from 6pm to 9pm on Friday) so we end up having "ice" break with ice kacang and cocktail jelly. And then, lepaking at bugis street.. Around 6pm, we walked to Singapore Art Museum (SAM) as there is the exhibition done by Zaha Hadid. We cant seem to find the exhibition although we are already in the museum.. and i end up asking at the info counter.. n guess what she said?? "Follow the white line." Really cant get what she mean at 1st.. after a while only realise what she mean.. n by then only i know there is a purpose for the so called "white line" to be there..

this is what she means by saying "follow the white line"
Exhibition designed by Zaha Hadid
latest mickey @ SAM
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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Under Construction...
dunno wat's wrong with my blog.. aiseh.. going to change the blog skin..

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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Home Sweet Home
Took thurs night train back home from JB. Ate fried kuey teow for dinner. Really cheap compare 2 S'pore. Wanna shop after that but the shops in CS close already. The feel in JB and Singapore really different.. Thought can sleep in train, but really difficult to sleep. only manage to close my eyes without real sleep! And there are those two 'baka', noisy, inconsiderate indian in the train. At 1st, they watch their DVD with such loud noise (like scare that we cannot hear), then later talk loud and laugh out loud without caring a bit of what the other people are doing! Really idiot....

Reach central at 7.30am.. Din really sleep, so cannot consider waking up early.. took ktm back home and later went sri melur for breakfast. roti canai and teh tarik. yum yum... it's like a food trip back home.. eating eating and eating.. really miss the food there. Ok.. to keep it short, i've ate fried kuey teow, roti canai, teh tarik, nasi tomato, chocolate, vietnam food, ice cream cake, rojak, pan mee, nasi lemak, pamelo, pineapple, McD.... during the few days. We went wins to buy art stuff in the afternoon.. Shopping in that shop for around 1 hour.. n spend around RM300 1 shot. The auntie surely love us de.. haha.. We bought tonne of stuff.. luckily am able to carry back here... although is really heavy.. worth the effort though!

Hmm.. forgot what I did.. haha.. Yum cha with Yan and Pei Joo at Kopitiam in Taipan. Before that ate at Vietnamese kitchen to celebrate ah boy birthday. Pre celebration..

We shopped real fast in such a short time on sun. Went summit, then later taipan. Stopped by at Guardian, da pao McD for dinner, bought moon cake and some breads at Baker's Cottage, then bought a birthday cake for boy.. as he wishes... strawberry ice cream cake.. although other cakes looks more attempting to me.. The bus back to Sg took forever to reach.. around 8 hours.. Why? because it stopped 1 hour at seremban. Not many people going singapore. That's why end up fetching people to JB also.. During that 1 hour, we went McD @ Terminal 1 and pack the Chicken McNugget Set.. geng le.. still can find McD in Seremban.. haha.. n guess what? We picnic in the bus.. while waiting for the bus to continue the journey... we ate ate ate and ate... n after 1 hour, the bus finally move... and that is when we almost finish the food! luckily we are happy with the McD with us, if not surely curse the bus.. the seats is real comfortable, very big space, and got tv to watch.. and it only cost RM28 from Shah Alam to Singapore.. But if you are in a hurry, never ever take the triton bus. The bus stopped at Geyland Serai in Singapore, which is really near to our hostel.. but it's already around 2 am.. and so we took a cab back to the hostel.. Really tiring journey!

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