Sunday, April 16, 2006
bye bye shirli
went to pikom pc fair at kl convention centre after work yesterday. really alot of ppl goin there.. even the lrt is so full of ppl.. after work, went 2 eat lunch at mayang with shirli, her bro n her fren. after tat, only we take lrt to klcc. then meet with jy n my cousin there. so, there is 6 of us.. no shortcut to go out from tat convention centre even though u dun wanna c all of the fair.. c till eyes oso blur.. so many ppl, so many things 2 c.. i just collect some brochure n c some of the things there. thumbdrive is cheap, only rm99 for 1G de.. aiyo.. last time i bought 512 de already 100++.. aiai.. i already got 1.. so no point buying another.. mayb after few more months the price will drop again.. so no hurry.. hehe.. tat y i say i go there n do market survey only :P n oso c how crowded the place is.. hehe.. then after the pc fair, went klcc 2 meet hanom. then go kinokuniya for a while n take lrt back 2 kelana. we hav our dinner at marco's pizza. gotta wait so long for our turn since we got 8 ppl... no such big table for us.. yan join us for dinner. she is the last to arrive n the 1st 2 leave coz she said gotta b back 2 ipoh.. her bro kena dengki.. kesian kesian.. back 2 the marco restaurant, the design is not bad.. the feel inside n outside is real different. the pizza is quite special n so is the price.. haha.. >< after dinner, time for us to bid gdbye 2 shirli.. yes, tat our point for the dinner actually. since yan say wont c her till she get married.. hahaha.. actually we call other coursemate oso. but peijoo, sookling bz with their assignment, winnie got dinner.. n we call so last minute.. so end up 8 of us.. still not bad la.. haha.. well, wish u all the best ya.. c u next time.. hmm.. dunno when is tat.. enjoy ur life in kuching!!
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Friday, April 14, 2006
blogging again
long time din write blog already. well, nth special lately.. really envy shirley. hmm.. she is back 2 kl n will b back 2 kuching on next mon. dunno when only will c her after she is back 2 kuching... hmm.. tues i gotta work n yet she got the public hols.. fri is oso her hols.. there so suang.. gd friday oso got hols.. envy la.. i whole week working n she got so many days off.. sob sob.. even got nth 2 do oso gotta fei at office.. luckily got things for me 2 do 2morrow. but then is the mrs ooi drawing again.. aiseh.. this troublesome auntie.. eric said change for the last time.. hopefully oo.. this drawing change liao more than 10 times liao.. n tat auntie like 2 call 2 the office de.. she really 2 free de..

watch liao ice age 2 on wed nite @ GSC 1u. really a funny movie.. laughter here n there from beginning till end of the show. luckily got yan de jacket.. if not will freeze in there.. thx ya. hehe. .n oso thx for the meal.. :P
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