Tuesday, December 25, 2007
christmas meal :) yummy!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Tuesday Fest
3 course meal
for breakfast & lunch
cornflakes with milk as starter
noodles as main course
then ice cream as dessert

at night
fruits and ice cream session
we really make full use of the fridge :)

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Finally 22nd..
Well, not to say i am looking forward to be 22nd. It's just that I am 22nd now :D

We have plenty to do on my birthday. 1st, meet up with Suhan at 12pm @ Jurong East to discuss bout the things that we need to do for her. Then later, we shopped like what I posted early. Luckily Richard is working and didn't go with us.. if not........ but he miss some crazy shopping scene... haha..

After we moved all the stuffs back, we took bus to the hostel to get back the deposit. By the time we reached the hostel, it's about 6pm. Luckily we still managed to get back the deposit. And later, went back to Plaza Singapura for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. By the time the show ends, it is about 11.30pm. Then we took bus back.. and not in time to celebrate my birthday.. haha.. but still, we celebrated...

marble cheese cake.. yummy...

Richard, thanks a lot for the cakes.

Oh, Harry Potter is nice too.. :) It's my 2nd movie in Sg.
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A Weekend War
Moving from one place to another aint easy at all. Although I got much experience in moving.. but this is the first time moving with a bunch of friends..

I am staying in Bukit Panjang now. Finally done with most of the cleaning and unpacking. Have been busy for the whole day on Saturday. In the morning, we went to Bkt Pjg to sign the contract and later on went back to Katong Hostel to move our stuffs. Supposed to move by 2.30pm but end up moving somewhere around 4pm. and I had a really bad argument with the lorry driver who complain that I switched off my phone when he tried to call me at 1.30pm. What am I suppose to say? I didn't SWITCH OFF the phone for the whole day. The phone is on and I am waiting for that fellow to call.. and when I called, that's what I get for the answer!!! IDIOT. And this is the result of what I get when I already called in the morning to confirm with him! Real fed up with him tat day.. But still, in the end, he agreed to come afterward when waili called him again and also after much persuading.

From this extremely packed room...

to this empty room

after we moved out all our stuffs to here...

And this is the original look of the place that we are staying in now...
living area

Second living

master bedroom for me n waili

Richard's room

JY's room

view from the window..

This is the result after the war.. moving from 1st floor to 7th floor by lift of course.
Gotta thanks Richard and Charlton for their help for this move... You guys make the day.

On Sunday, we cleaned the house and later, went shopping at Bukit Panjang Plaza. The trolley is flooded with our stuffs...

Well, that's not all. The previous night we have already shopped for cleaning utensil and the next day, electrical stuff. Since there is no ceiling fan here, we bought 4 fans in 1 time.. and rice cooker, flask.... by the time we finished shopping, it's about tea time and we had our lunch at McD in IMM together with a trolley of electrical goods.

And yes, that day is my 22nd birthday.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Going to be 22...
It has been a long while since I last blogged. This is my second trip back home and tomorrow I will travel back to Singapore again. Again for this year, I have no choice but to celebrate my birthday there again. But still, I have my early birthday cake here. =D chocolate truffle. Thanks mom for the cake. She knows I miss cake a lot. :P

Thank you to those who remember my birthday and wanted to celebrate for me but can’t make it though. I know u guys are extremely busy. I’ll appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Will meet up with you all the next time I am back although I really have no idea when the next time will be. For those who are working, hopes you enjoy your works and don’t get too stress; for those who are still studying, enjoy your study and it’ll end soon. Don’t worry. =)

I’ll be 22 soon…… I know I am still young :P

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Friday, May 04, 2007
Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Steamboat & BBQ dinner @ studio
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Monday, April 30, 2007
Craving for food
thx jenny for her creation of salad.. with ham, cheese, egg, apple, celery n mayo. yum yum.. delicious.. n oso ur bak kut teh soup.. finally got some not-white-bak kut teh liao.. keke..

new creation of salad..

cheer to bak kut teh soup in black

went to little india yesterday. stroll along the street. nth much there.. just alot of shops selling indian art n craft, eateries, temple n so on.. hmm.. mayb bcoz i've seen all these b4.. n tat's wat make it less special.. haha.. well, their streets r interesting though.. it's called kerbau street.. n there is another one called buffalo street. hmm.. dunno who is the fellow who giv it such a name.. one is kerbau n another buffalo.. the only different is one is in english n another is in malay...
n there is oso this hotel...
called buffalo hotel.. y they like buffalo so much ar?

guess still cant leave design alone.. even should b enjoying the hols... here r some piece of

n for our lunch, i had mutton nasi briyani while waili had the so called chicken set meal.. it's sort of like banana leaf... there is the banana leaf there but i guess u just cant find any meal called banna leaf here.. n even the indian food is now served like fast food! the food is quite expensive.. but they serve in extremely large portion.. which is enough to last for lunch n dinner.. haha..

mutton nasi briyani: 1st time c nasi briyani with egg.. the curry is too salty.. the keropok not crunchy enough.. the one @ bencoolen street taste much better.. except tat they arent any keropok there.. hehe..

chicken set meal

n after little india, we went to chinatown. eat the mango with pomelo n sago.. yum yum.. tat's nice.. but the pomelo not sweet enough.. is bitter... then if it's cooler then will b shiok!

n for our dinner.. we hav this peanut soup.. wow.. long time din eat tong shui... yummy.. a bit too sweet though.. haha..

very magnificent view of the temple in chinatown

there is this restaurant at clarke quay called clinic.. which.. really looks like clinic.. who wanna eat there with the blood bside o?

thx to the legs who did so much walking... bravo!.. conquer 3 places in 1 day!
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Saturday, April 28, 2007
Feel fresher n reenergised after a gd night sleep. glad tat it's finally over. although the final is over but still got the dpj to work with.. n next wed they'll debrief us, talk to us bout the degree show n c who will b the unlucky one who will kena sampling.. so.. in the end.. still dunno when i can go back.. i miss home! miss the sofa, miss the tv, miss my bed (finally got my own room o :P), miss shopping, miss the food, miss all the things back in m'sia. n ah boy, oso miss quarrelling with u... haha :P

the presentation went smoothly. mostly is guiding them through the journey in the interior... n later answer those questions tat they hav.. at 1st quite worry.. coz the thing is more or less the same like in jury 2.. except tat got color n 3d.. the model n the 3d oso look alike.. dunno they realise it or not.. haha.. coz they din ask me tat.. anyway, it's over n i dun wanna talk about it. haha.. just really glad tat it's over!

n for today.. rest in the room.. hoho.. tired.. past few days have been bz.. last minute doin the material board, then gotta organize the lecture theatre for presentation, clean up, move those frames from the 3rd to 1st floor, set up the board... damn exhausted! stayed in sch till midnight for tat day n luckily still able to wake up in the next morning.. the weather is too good to sleep nowadays.. haha..

our class really got alot of 'god' in different field.. alot of really nice n brilliant work.. ya.. we all work hard for the final.. n they really do work HARD.. n oso very pia.. really peifu them.. glad to b a part of this class with all those very entertaining person around..

thx for ur consultation.. n oso thx for teaching us not to get cheated.. with u cheating us so much we learnt not to believe u most of the time.. haha..

never know tat when ppl din sleep can b this 'high', yeah.. he can do tat without getting drunk..

thx for ur consultation too.. although till now i still cant understand how u did the material board without thinking..

the acrylic king... his model damn nice..

sometimes talk to u really will kek si.. this fellow never fail to remind me to sleep.. -_-"

walao.. ur model really really cute.. she do things slowly but her end product is damn nice!

really one of the goddess in the legend.. never fail to finish her work on the time!

for the others, glad to know u all n u all oso u guys strive in ur own way 2! glad to know all of u although i've been with u guys for less than a year.. u guys rock!

for frens in m'sia, gd luck for those of u tat r having ur final.. will b back soon to meet up with u guys! ganbatte!

midnight in lecture theatre with the extremely costly presentation board
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Sunday, April 15, 2007
cant wait for it to end!
2 weeks to go b4 final jury. cant wait for it to be over. i want holidays.. been thinking about holidays lately.. although i know i shouldnt think about hols.. but really cant help it. n got those ppl who keep remind me of hols.. u know who u r la..

looking forward for the trip to medan.. so far it is the confirmed trip i got.. need to hurry back here after the trip for the degree show. ai... the degree show last bout half a month.. dad just back from medan n said it's gd place.. n he said he da pao kuih lapis back.. argh.. i miss nice food!! everday oso eating the food at the foodcourt.. really sien! mix rice, chicken rice, pan mee... mostly oso eat these..

had been working on my model from mon-wed. went to coll for the photoshooting session on thurs by the PROFESSIONAL photographer.. din redo my whole model.. just renovate it. din manage to finish the railing for the staircase tat day though.. but now i m done with it.. extremely glad... i got 12 staircase.. everytime i c the staircase oso scare... always oso left it till the last only do.. last time built liao 12 of it.. n now 12 railing.. argh! hate doin the same old thing again n again... the photographer skill like waili said.. really is potato.. haha.. cant shoot close up picture.. but taken from far still ok..

it's my 1st time carrying model under the rain.. really miserable.. with such heavy model... under heavy rain.. with only an umbrella.. n yet no cab to catch! carry till hand ache the cab oso din come.. n when beh tahan liao put the model down at the side there n luckily got a hao xin ren.. help us to tahan cab... thx alot! nowadays always rain in the afternoon...

finally finish my model.. after this need to carry on with the construction drawing n later the board.. definitely not now.. start monday most probably.. rest rest rest... ya.. desmond surely ask me to go to sleep.. i will.. dun worry.. i really dun understand y they cant finish.. they only do few 3d oso keep saying no time... n yet.. compare to limkokwing here de time is really alot. whole sem doin the same old thing...... can save alot of time if i m not doin 3d.. but then my model skill not as geng as them.... not a pro model maker like charlton.. even though u held a model making class, i guess my skill oso wont improve.. haha... i hate to do model...

all the best to all my friends who r goin to hav their exam... all the best to me too.. hopefully no need to present for the final jury... n ah juan, let's pray together k.. haha.. :O)
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